Red Carpet- An Asian Psycho Story


Half an hour of the award ceremony passed. A ring alerted everyone around the table where Rigor and Daniela were seated. They turned to Rigor as the sound was from their direction. Daniela frisked him for a cellular phone and rummaged through her clutched bag to find her cellular phone off; the ring goes on and Rigor frisked himself and found from his pant’s pocket an envelope with red LED indicator blinking.

“O, an invitation from BCBG store, it’ s alright nothing to worry.” Said Rigor passing it to Daniela who put it inside her bag muffing the sound.

“Smart way to remind people they’re late, huh.” Said Daniela focusing her attention back to the ceremony.

“I’ll get some wine, waiters are not allowed to roam during the ceremony.” Said the woman to her escort.

Half an hour passed, the woman didn’t return but a waiter came with a bottle of wine ignoring the other who asked for it and went directly to Rigor and Daniela.

” Excuse Sir, Ma’am. Someone was waiting in the lobby for you both. It’s an important matter.” Said the waiter.

”who?” Asked Rigor

”She didn’t mention it.” Said the waiter.

Rigor and Daniela checked Dame’s table and the best friend was not there. She must be in the lobby. So, they go with the waiter. Along the foyer area, the waiter examined the two.

The waiter led them through the hallways here other waiters were staying side by side and looking suspicious of them.

“Take a sit, she’ll be here any minute.” The waiter left them in the lobby’s center and disappeared into the hallway.

”Stand up! Both of you!and don’t move any. Hands up!” bellowed an armed man in black and white over all who appeared from the column. Rigor and Daniela were nervous while the man recited the Miranda doctrine and they did as they were told. The other man in identical uniform appeared surrounding them with guns aiming at them. The man who first appeared frisked them and the other one rummaged to Daniela’s bag and raised the envelope with lights still blinking. He ran outside with it; others followed. Four others stayed behind.

Ten minutes later, they all went back inside.

“Negative sir, just an invitation. The red light serves for aesthetic purposes. Fashion, you know. We’d check the store, it’s confirmed and they sent an invitation identical to this one.” Said the man holding up the invitation and handed it to the Commander and handed it back to Vita who snapped it.

I’m sorry, just a precautionary measures” Said the Commander.

”You suspected us of blowing the building, don’t expect us to accept an apology. Such a paranoid racist”Said Daniela firmly.

We’ll do exactly to whoever regardless of the race, that’s our job at the Bomb Squad, we’re really sorry for the inconvenience.You may go back inside.” Said the Commander.

“You scared us, your festival can no longer lift our damp spirit.” said Daniela

“It’s okay, just leave us officer, we’re going out.

Outside in the darkness of red carpet platform, Rigor and Daniela sat on its stairs.

“Let’s go to BCBG party, we won’t let them spoil our night.” said Daniela walking across the red carpet ready to kick the night away; Rigor followed her.

“That’s the spirit.”

They suddenly stared at the fireworks exploding from nearby party across Boulevard de la Croisette. They held each other close, Daniela’s hands clawed firmly to Rigor’s arms while he stared up with an inevitable terror in his eyes. Daniela looked around frightened at what’s going to happen as she saw dotted red lights around them. If it’s the Bomb squad Team, it didn’t frighten them; the fire did.

“Let’s run from here, now!” Rigor pulled Daniela’s hand and break a sprint. Daniela was cursing her shoes and frocks. A while ago, her frocks caused high to her life but now it’s  detrimental to her death.

They thought of one place which could give refuge to them now, the BCBG store.

“Come on, we can do it.” Igor felt relieved they got far away from the crowded arcade of restaurants near the Palais where celebration was at its peak; fireworks never ceased rocketing to the sky.


Disclaimer: This journal chronicle events from my past career describing activities on and off salesman’s duties. All events described herein actually happened irrespective of the order the blog was posted. Any resemblance to persons living or dead should be plainly apparent to them and those who know them and that the author is not responsible for any assumptions that may arise; to construe from the fact presented is discouraged as the author is still trying to make sense of it. You may do so at your own risk.

Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links to which i may earn commissions upon your purchase. It will cost you nothing extra but it will help my blog up. 



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