Hysteria- An Asian Psycho Story


“Despicable little bugs, they must be squashed altogether.” she cursed speeding to the nearest narrow street, a likely place to be squashed. She reached the corner with her pursuers a few yards away. Traffic lights on red but the enforcer signaled the pedestrian with his huge hand board sign to stop as it was about to green. Daniela’s pursuers were two yards away and nearing. She bent her body and gathered strength to her feet and rolled at high speed crossing an avenue. Midway, the light shifted to green. Vehicles started roaring the sound of peril. Daniela resorted to her gymnastic prowess, jumping on hood after hood, compartments and roof of cars till she got to the other side.

“I’m sorry officer, desperate time calls for desperate measure!” she shouted to the enforcer and joined the herd of pedestrian walking across to the adjacent bus stop and hailed a taxi. She saw cameramen and reporters stuck behind doing their own desperate measures. From a distance, Daniela knew cameramen’s powerful lenses captured her every move while reporters bark their best at enforcers to implement rules and forcibly punched wait button on traffic lights post. One reporter snatched enforcer’s radio and patched taxi’s plate number to the enforcer posting at the bus stop. He got it right away and Daniela saw him running to her direction. Daniela absentmindedly opened the other side door of taxi just as she saw bus coming. With fast reflex, she was able to back off and left the door hanging as the bus from behind crashed and swept its door with a loud bang. Door’s latch snapped easily like a tin car and flown crashing another car. Every smaller vehicle stopped except for another bus wanting to escape the gridlock while there’s time. Daniela found refuge in that bus, as it swooshed passing her she clamped her hand on its door’s bar handle. The door won’t budge a bit as picking up commuters was not part of the journey. She realized this was not a city bus. She slammed the door several times with her free hand but it was so quiet inside. It must have been a long journey for them. Unexpectedly, despicable bugs were behind the bus riding on bicycles with mounted cameras on their back. They clawed their hands on steel ladder on the rear of bus. Daniela panicked as they advanced getting nearer as the bus went faster. She opened the baggage compartment with keys of her BCBG ID. She found metal box and hydraulic jack which she slammed and sent the glass door shattering.

“Emergency!! Please let me in!!!.” she said to the bus driver whose anger rose feverishly. He accelerated speed, mindless of the danger she’s into. Left of no choice, she gripped the handle bar tightly and lifted her roller blades off the ground and locked it to door frames. She transferred her hand to a door frame avoiding those glass flints. Then she let her head in and her hands crawled reaching for the metal post and established a good grip. Slowly, she pulled her legs in too. Cruel enough, the bus driver swerved on purpose so that Daniela’s legs dangled but she was able to hold the post firmly. One cameraman saw Daniela’s legs up for grabs. He caught it but she kicked wildly giving him a grim fate of crashing to a nice car. She went inside fully while he mind his driving and grimaced at her.

“I’m sorry for my intrusion……….” said Daniela surprised of double decks full of unconscious people. “Thank you, i got away from them.” she continued despite getting a malicious grimaced for an answer. She’s confused of what these well dressed people lying here for?”

You’re not welcome, as you may see, this is not a good time.” he said tersely. “You better off now” he said checking the side mirror and catch a glimpse of someone from a good distance heading to their direction.

“I’m really sorry, just like you I’m bound to run from capture.” said Daniela begging and not stepping out.

“I’m not escaping!!!!1” he raised voice with his mad eye, closed door and accelerated.

“Then what’s your excuses with these?” said Daniela referring to unconscious people. Custom made decks for human smuggling? and your reckless driving?” she raised her voice threatening him as well as waking these people.

“I got a deal delivering them to a Spa. They are clients for Cryonic Age Suspension and are to take the next step that is Decompression. See, I’m on schedule here that explained my driving.” he said eerily calm now but the bus seemed to run around.

“Who told you such beauty blunder? Of course you have no idea. What happen if they wake up untimely. Still no clue albeit your loyalty matters to them because that’s what they paid you for. We have so much in common, you’re a middleman like me working for someone. How about we’ll pull this up together?” said Daniela occupying the only seat beside the post. He ignored her as he was taking a turn to a familiar structure. She fastened her roller blades so she could pick up the jack. She knew they reached the destination.

The bus hit the curbstone and its wheels ascent to a slope causing Daniela to lose her balance. Then the jack slipped off her fingers but she was able to throw it on purpose toward the driver but it struck the metal post on deck and fell to one client. The loud clink made the driver disoriented. He got up and drew his gun to Daniela. The wheels rolled backward causing some unconscious to tumble off deck then the driver sat foot to its brake and still drew his gun. His eyes mad as ever appalled but she dared look askant as if challenging death. Unbeknownst to her, one client stealthily went to her back. Daniela caught driver’s mad eye squinting a bit just in time as she turned back, a jack hit her hard on the neck. She lost consciousness.

“I”m sorry, did i hurt you bad?” said the client jumping near the door to see outside clearly. “Soon enough people will come as they were expecting us. We have to play unconscious but i help you first with these smudges.” said the client wiping trickles of blood off her skin and Daniela’s neck with sheets of paper Daniela intends for Braille lifting. The client took something from her purse as she undo her roller blades.

“Here, concealer for your bruises” said the client who seemed to be working undercover that transfixed the driver.

“That’s perfect, you look like you’ve done Cryonic treatment just like them. It’s horrible being froze like dead in the morgue.” said the client with her eyes full of abomination.

Rigor tracked Daniela from the location of her last message. To his shock, he found her unconscious among other passengers who were dislodged and unceremoniously piling up on each other’s body. There was a great struggle here obviously that he had to think quickly whether to run away with Daniela but too late for that so he decided to lie down closer to Daniela and faked being sedated just in time as people in uniform rushed inside.

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Disclaimer: This journal chronicle events from my past career describing activities on and off salesman’s duties. All events described herein actually happened irrespective of the order the blog was posted. Any resemblance to persons living or dead should be plainly apparent to them and those who know them and that the author is not responsible for any assumptions that may arise; to construe from the fact presented is discouraged as the author is still trying to make sense of it. You may do so at your own risk.

Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links to which i may earn commissions upon your purchase. It will cost you nothing extra but it will help my blog up. 



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