Affluent- An Asian Psycho Story


“So, you’re working on it again , huh.” said Rigor.

“Yes, actually a homework from Milan Fashion Week, it’s been a while and it piled up and it’s too draining but i can go over it now.” said Daniela sipping red wine with glass straw.

“Of course, smart woman like you can. I’m lucky enough to copy homework. ” Said Rigor.

“That’s called cheating.” said Daniela over high lumens of monitor.

“In our case that’s called sharing, so what have we got? I need to catch up on my assignment. I bet we missed a lot.” Said Rigor lifting his seat near Daniela so he could see or read those small texts on screen. Rigor knew she just started surfing the Net. He waited playing his steak by the fork until a familiar logo popped on screen. A coiled python it almost bit its tail. Daniela read the text faster.

A Cartier’s corporate logo recognized around the world as a symbol of luxury. World’s ultra rich tote the one carrying the ultimate symbol of wealth; the coiled python.

Then the page showed media luminaries of past and present toting around with their priced Cartier signature croc-collections; Jackie Onassis with her magenta hand bag; Grace Kelly on her clutch bag and Monica Belucci on her python pendant diamond among others.

Then on the next page are exquisite Cartier Jewelry Collections where a list of who got what spread the page.

“O, Cartier love bracelet!!!” said Daniela with her fists on her breast showing how lovely the piece is and tell Rigor the tale behind it over pretending on reading the text.

The next pages were not of their concern other than the company’s effort of building the brand to its heights. So, Daniela exited and logged in to to find Armani’s ready to wear collections. Then followed the prompt leading them to Giorgio Armani Collezione. Here, they found the Gothic collection she wore on the runway. She felt the thrill of seeing herself over the Net among other models. It was a dramatic change over her physicality after the nipping and tucking.

 She could have worn the vixen collection if the operation took place prior to the Milan Show.

However, for the scarcity of her beauty, she could land a job easily now. Perhaps, Ford Elite Modeling Agency. ‘Though I have to concentrate on the task,’ she told herself and clicked on Emporio Armani. Here, they found the stencil hawk logo. Daniela sighed heavily for the research seemed to yield incongruous results.

“All publicists seem to talk highly of their product. None of them said about the intellectual side of it. Of course, with the exception of the Cartier lady who recounted the tale of love bracelet. I mean none of the write ups relate to what the Queen intends for our quest to mental health.” Said Daniela clicking on to the next page. It showed Emporio Armani Occialli with its imposing spread winged hawk logo. She exited and logged on to Versace’s web site. Here, they found a blonde woman who took over Gianni Versace’s fashion empire, her sister Donatella Versace. “It’s the same thing, the brand claimed that their medusa logo is the stamp of excellence. Whenever you are seeking for what is prime, majestic and ultra rich; one needs to look for medusa head. I bet if they can only put all the superlatives here, they will.” Said Daniela downloading the medusa logo and copy it to a folder. She got back to her previous site and copy Armani’s hawk to a folder. She did the same to Cartier’s python and put it in circle around Versace’s medusa and above was the hawk. This was how she remember the arrangement at the Milan show.

“Yes, nowadays when you got something eponymous, you’re a hottie.” Said Rigor leaning on the glass table watching Daniela’s PowerPoint in progress.

“Yes, I must say you’re a hot item back there in Burgos Circle. You’re living an eponymous life. A Trump for space, Gucci for fits…….” Said Daniela.

“The fixer for my body.” Finished Rigor posing before Daniela could see the lean torso despite the thick coat. She laughed cupping her mouth and refocused on PowerPoint. Lifting the newly assembled logos, it became a single emblem. Abi ran the database of ancient symbols gathered from different religious publications including Wicca, Cabbala, Mysticism, Alchemy, Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, and Paganism among others. ‘Running on them one by one was like picking a speck of sand by a tweezers,’ thought Daniela as one almost look identical to the other. Excessive borrowing of one religion from the other resulted to an ambiguous origin of a particular symbol of faith. But through the advancement and precision of the PowerPoint, Daniela’s job will be less of a hassle. At least that’s what she thought running through these identical emblems.

“Patience……..patience……..” she kept muttering under her breath. “That’s all you need to be precise.”

Then her made up emblem somehow found a match to an ancient symbol. Though her emblem appeared so new, she resolved this was the match. Rigor protested because her emblem appeared polished compare to an ancient symbol. Daniela debated that the appearance justified the modern and ancient aspect. The character and number of medusa’s hair were of great precision there’s no room for doubt as well as hawk’s manner of hovering and plume’s number only supported Daniela’s claim but both agreed it’s a match on the basis of size. The manner of python’s coiling was so much alike no doubt it’s an imitation of present from the past.

“These pockmarked surfaces are a sign of endurance to the forces of nature making it appear pale and dull, thus ancient and my emblem is a flawless, luxurious rendition; thus modern.” Said Daniela who then printed the two specimens on all PowerPoint angles leaving the overlapping edges till it combined as single specimen. Daniela handed him prints with an expression as if passing the evidence for re examination.

“Yes, yes. I agree. You must be thinking I keep on making mistakes. Actually, I’m supplying you what can be considerable because I knew your keen intellect comes out naturally when on confrontation. I’m learning a lot from you, that’s why I keep on feeding you concerns; may it be bothersome, mind boggling or those questions with obvious answers. I don’t care because I want to know what you exactly feel about a particular thing.” Said Rigor ignoring the print out. Daniela went back to work quietly. The one thing that made her feel extra special was Rigor’s compliments.

“Yes, you must know then how I feel about you who seldom shares opinion. Keeping things to yourself and that I have to work like a therapist pulling those shrinks out of your mind.” Said Daniela clicking to the matched ancient symbol which she then called an ancient stone sculpture for what it really was.

“Because there’s nothing else to say, I may sound redundant if I do.” Said Rigor.

“So, you are as smart as I am now that you are checking if my findings conformed to yours and that all along we thought alike?” said Daniela who obviously playing pranks with him. Then 1 of 2 page appeared. The first page showed pictures. On 1a was a portrait of an old man, crooked nose and his sallow sunken eyes covered in a filthy mane. The caption said he’s a founder of serpent- worship cult of Dark Age Europe. 1b was a group portrait of all founder members across Europe. 2a showed an extravagant altar you never thought existed which this once powerful ancient secret society had built. 2b was a fragment of stone sculpture which had been the centerpiece of an altar; the hawk hovering over the python coiled, medusa head. It survived through times and was preserved at London Museum. 3a-f were at first glance you would think it’s a series of symbol’s evolution for it all looked identical but reading the caption, it stated that those were an adaptation of different secret societies throughout ages. Daniela recognized them having examined those under PowerPoint. Page 2 of 2 was another set of images. 4a-d were obelisks found in ancient Egypt, Washington D.C., and Central Park East New York and in France. Caption stated the obelisks were the light of the serpent. 5a was an image of an intertwine snake, and above was a pair of wings. A winged wand of Hermes. A medical profession’s symbol called Caduceus which symbolized healing. 6a was an image of a basilisk like Chinese dragon, its mouth wide open devouring a ball of fire. Caption stated of an ancient Chinese worshipping a humungous serpent to bring prosperity on every believer. It resonated even to post-modern times and used such image as good luck charm. The remaining space of an image full two pages was short text.

“These images were all pertaining to an ancient serpent- worship cult where a congregation was led to the path of light the serpent laid. Over times, the serpent took many forms and it might mean another thing to most but a believer with an open mind who followed the serpent achieved enlightenment.” Read Rigor and go over these images.

You see, we knew the obelisks were the light of the serpent and with it were hieroglyphs or sacred writings that enlightened generations. In our case, it’s the Braille helping us so far. Caduceus symbolized healing, once healed physically, mentally and spiritually, there can be no hindrance achieving enlightenment. In fact, it’s a smooth sail. I can say so because we are far from that. We’re still suffering for one thing. And the basilisk like Chinese dragon symbolized prosperity. It brought enormous wealth to worshiper and the excess of riches led to the path of enlightenment. The emblem stone sculpture of hawk hovering over the python coiling medusa head symbolized enlightenment. This was the surviving relic which started all the existing symbols of enlightenment today. We are lucky to take a glimpse of that. See, only then enlightenment can be achieved when one is physically healthy, mentally well and spiritually stable. Men sano en corpore sano- sound mind, sound body. I’ve learned that back at the cuckoo land training.” Said Rigor who resumed eating while Daniela didn’t say anything but was printing images. She then saved the file on My Documents. “That’s what I meant.” Said Rigor attempting to have Daniela involve in the discussion. “Now you know why I’d stayed quiet when you talked.” He paused giving Daniela turn to speak but she only smiled. “Because I knew everything was well said.” He finished as Daniela filed the print on the plastic folder.

She then proceeded typing RAM’s HEAD and ran the search engine under the database of symbols. In a minute or two, a match found as astrological zodiac symbols popped. Daniela ran not the PowerPoint for she saw no need for that because luckily it’s the single ram encoded in here. Under the ram’s head was WEST in close parenthesis. Beside the ram was goat’s head which they also seen at the Milan show. Daniela knew the two belong to family of sheep as she had seen both of them at the elementa palace projecting as equal.

Daniela clicked on to goat’s head and page 1 of 1 popped. A goat was used in the Eastern context of Astrology. Those who were born in the year 1979, 1950, etc. etc. were governed by the goat. Then below were diagrams showing a variety of goats. There’s a water goat, fire goat, earth goat and air goat. Daniela read through the text of each but found nothing helpful.

A ram was used to symbolize the Constellation Zodiac Aries in the Western context of Astrology. Those who were born from March21- April 21 were an Arian. They possessed the characteristics of a RAM. Aries was a fire sign; ruling planet Mars. Gemstone –diamond. Then below was diagram of connect the dots of fixed stars which formed the Constellation Aries- a ram.

Daniela still found not much of a help. ‘Astrology was my ancestor’s science. I had grown up living with belief in stars. I owned a merkhet when I was six, scoping the sky with it but my tender years was lag behind the knowledge of vast universe,’ Daniela was at a loss on her thoughts. She paused, her eyes laid on the stars above the sky. Rigor opt not to make noise with his utensils for he knew Daniela was on a serious thought.

                     ‘Divination is beyond my comprehension even up to now. Maybe because I’m a mortal whose understanding of the world beyond is a mere speculation? But I knew the Queen was helping us reach for the divine knowledge and that is soon enough. I knew it as those hawk ornament perching on the nape of models speaks of the divinity within reach. The Queen is speaking in terms I can understand. She used modern jargons to better communicate to me as immortals using medium to get in touch with them- the divine or the spirits. In retrospect, I am to convey messages from her through to my tools, her tools when she was a mortal. I mean her perfume, fashion, wealth and everything she got in her mortal being. Her world as I’ve known it been helpful as our means of communication and it did effectively serve a great cover up from the evil.’ Daniela shifted her gaze from the sky down to her laptop’s monitor. She straightened up her back and read over the text again and clicked on the box that says MORE. Then an empty page popped with the usual prompt around the edges, the MORE box was on the lower right side of the page. She smiled thinking the web page designer must be an optimistic fool to see more on nothing. Nevertheless, she clicked on it again, and then a stencil of long neon lines formed what looked like silvery scratches. She rubbed her palm against each other in eagerness to see more. Rigor allowed himself to move freely then and before he craned his neck, Daniela swiveled the monitor to face him. He had no idea what are those and he’s sure Daniela neither could make out a thing aside from its resemblance to the immaterial filament light coming out during the Council’s alchemical transformation. ‘This was what made Daniela smile,’ he thought. She swiveled it back and clicked MORE box once. Then slowly another stencil of lines continued to appear from the silvery scratches and formed a face. A sketch of an old man she instantly recognized back at Milan show as hologram which served as model’s way in and out of the runway. She clicked MORE box again and text appeared MORE box vanished.

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Disclaimer: This journal chronicle events from my past career describing activities on and off salesman’s duties. All events described herein actually happened irrespective of the order the blog was posted. Any resemblance to persons living or dead should be plainly apparent to them and those who know them and that the author is not responsible for any assumptions that may arise; to construe from the fact presented is discouraged as the author is still trying to make sense of it. You may do so at your own risk.

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