Boss Bottled. An Asian Psycho Story


Daniela passed along Versace’s medusa head, Armani’s hawk, Ralph Lauren’s Polo Sport’s emblem; reminiscent of warrior god Horus on chariot. Steuben glass delicate collection fooled her into thinking glasses were moving but she said to herself she must be hallucinating from long walks along Bonifacio High Street in an empty stomach. She craved passing along line of expensive watering holes. She wonder what the Royal family had for dinner. She walked doubly fast for a refill at a nearby restaurant.

The fountain area where golden water flowed along the side of the grand lobby in the Tower reminds Daniela of the Council’s cuckoo land where river runs chocolate and honey in conflux to the well. The lobby’s grandeur evoked luxury but couldn’t satisfy Daniela’s starving stomach; she still appreciated its realness unlike the cuckoo land ( a place for rehab) where the line between reality and fantasy drew blur. She cursed the place as honey and chocolates turned into a hell of flaming gasoline. At least she then knew how to deal with reality and fantasy after the cuckoo land training. She dealt with all the luxury that surrounded her as if it was a mere material of pointless existence. Daniela see value in material only when there is essentiality attached to it so that a form without a substance is nothing. That’s why she likes the drama that goes with Cartier’s love bracelet but she rather not go far than liking it for the drama is expensive. If it’s not for the drama, she’d never been attracted to anything sparkly like the Cartier’s love bracelet. The old Egypt flashed back to her mind where everything is valuable because of their spiritual representations and eternal significance.

On the other hand, without the cuckoo land’s reality cum fantasy existence, she finds fantasy’s limitless boundaries a desirable itch on her mind she’s willing to scratch. The wonder of magical realm awed her she’s pursuing an eternal life there. An endless possibilities of what an immortal can do was what she wanted to achieve and that everyone hoped to lived in Council’s consecrated realm- because here more than a life’s drama unfolds.

To Daniela and everyone, fantasy world sets the standard of how life should be. She’s grateful for the Queen helped her changed her outlook. From the day she decided to live the Queen’s life or follow the Queen’s path to mental health; she’s seeing things differently. For instance, that a mere perfume bottle seemed worthless- a trash but Daniela tried to see it the way the Queen must have seen and felt about it. Shapes, emblems, icons and perfume’s name suddenly became meaningful, a trash then become something of value. Intangibles are profound we outsource from something we can grasp we call the matter- to understand them. She remember the Cartier lady said it well.

Daniela bells for room service dinner. She lit the candle on crystal candelabra and set the table to her liking a la Martha Stewart just in time for her food served straight from the trolley/warmer. She sat lovely and filled her stomach. Her candle was one of those that lit the city tonight. The sea of sparkling city lights over Bonifacio Global City amused her. She wished one of the lights will be her guide to the right path but it glared too much on their glass window. Then she reminded herself that they were like chaotic stars scattered in the sky but actually city lights are on a system, much like stars. She was then craving for something other than glorious foods; food for the brain. Quickly, she got her laptop and boot it atop her lovely dinner setting forgetting about being Martha. Since then, the internet has become her constant source of information.

The lift chimed and it means he’s home. Daniela looked up and tongue tied at Rigor’s appearance. He’s clad in be strapped Gucci paired with white pants. ‘He’s so gorgeous’ she told herself wondering what he’s into since he didn’t bother dressing up unless he’s to attend Cannes or they need to run away incognito.

“What? Suddenly so polished? I applied for a job that’s why i put on best clothes i could find.” He said joining her for dinner. Daniela asked him to put on thick tissue paper under his fried foods so that it will absorb excess oils. Her being Martha still kicks in.

“Let me guess, you’ve been to modeling agency? because god damn, you can be one of them, you look great. If we can only bottle that, can we bottle extraordinary? ” said Daniela still tapping and clicking on her laptop.

“Yes, if you mean Perfumeries to be a bottling business….. i applied as Fragrance Advisor for a fine Perfumery in Department Store. I can’t stay here, i mean even we’re well provided here i need to work for our other expenses. Your salary is not enough for both of us. I can’t depend on a woman i love. Besides, working for perfumery, there is a chance of understanding the Queen’s world better.” said Rigor cutting his steak. Daniela’s eyes sparkle at what he said. Suddenly, his every word define a new Rigor. He became somehow responsible. His aggressive move so far for the quest to mental health as Daniela can remember; but what’s flattering the most was his indirect confession of love that sent tickles all over her being. Somehow, she’s surprised for a meek Rigor to speak of his feelings.

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Disclaimer: This journal chronicle events from my past career describing activities on and off salesman’s duties. All events described herein actually happened irrespective of the order the blog was posted. Any resemblance to persons living or dead should be plainly apparent to them and those who know them and that the author is not responsible for any assumptions that may arise; to construe from the fact presented is discouraged as the author is still trying to make sense of it. You may do so at your own risk.

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