Brand Ambassadress at Work

Early morning in Fierra de Milano was so festive that Daniela and Rigor, both brand Ambassadors arrived among other models. Daniela wore casual jeans and body hugging shirt while Rigor looked more of a front row regular than a model’s guest in his heavily brocaded dark blue caftan. He was holding a cup of coffee and a golden cane for balance which made him looked older. His bruises still ached. On his way inside, a newly discovered Filipina model greeted him. Models were on queue for breakfast. They waved to other girls to join them. Cameras flashed endlessly. Press people scribbled furtively. Rigor joined other guests in an assigned room to avoid a look of indifference or from unnecessary judgments from press people. Daniela shared a good laugh with supermodels. She’s glad not one of them recognized her as the one in a blurry CCTV red carpet shenanigans. Fortunately, that’s the only image of her captured by the camera being publicized. The challenge was to reinvent herself.

Daniela’s eyes roam around the lounge where a brunette model was on her cell phone; an actress/model giggled over her portable play station; a controversial model stopped reading novel and joined three others who delightfully exchange not only healthy diet tips but boyfriend in a form of an international Superstar. Thankfully, none of them ever showed sign of doubt over Daniela’s presence. Though her close friend and fellow newcomer crossed line of doubt when she said she had a portrait of a long ago girl that looked much to her likeness. It’s one of the many art collections her grandfather handed over. A conversation Daniela and newcomer had the night of the screening stirred her into thinking she might as well recognized the blurry image CCTV captured or some people would took notice.

“Anabie” a familiar voice called out. Daniela spun around nervously to a group of photographers flashing their cameras before her. “Danny” a voice called out again, only louder. She spun back to the lounge where models do their thing unaffected by the world around them. Who the hell was calling? The buffet table was full of people talking in between munches. She try to recall all people who are close and who’ve known her personally that would only call her by that compelling name. A cold hand touched her bare shoulder like a chilly knife thrusting eerily she jumped and spun around.

“Anabie, you seemed nervous. Anyway, it always does the first time.” Said Calista. Daniela felt stupid. Of course, a familiar voice should be that of Calista.
“Yes, I’m a bit nervous.” said Daniela honestly.
“Well, a trip to a dressing room this minute will do wonder and a complimentary massage will calm you. Come on, reflexologists, make up artist and hair stylist are waiting for you.” said Calista carrying a bottle of liquid oxygen labeled Anabie.

“Here, it will regulate blood flow. O, Iona changed your name to Anabie Falkhen. You know how it is with the police. Perhaps that would help your real identity be hidden. I’m sorry we’ve done it on your behalf, we thought it best for your own sake.” said Calista who paused as Daniela checked the bottle for spelling maybe or expiry date. The crackdown on drug users and pushers had the modeling agency do great lengths to protect their models.

“It’s fine, i thought of the same thing.” said Daniela remembering someone who used to be in the fashion world and lost it all to drugs. ‘is it a mere coincidence i am to share the same sounding name as that of ill-fated model? Or am i to share the same fate she had? No matter, I am to follow Rigor’s advice, go flux and we are to change the image of models around the world who are munching drugs for recreation and that’s what we are here for. To be a living example of someone who’d been on mud and will be cleansed to the last dregs.

“Let’s live her life. Anabie Falkhen it is.” said Daniela letting out heavy sigh and wide smile taking full responsibility as an advocate for mental health and a spoke person for drug use and abuse. “Wait, will you bring food to Rigor? He’s on a guest room wearing blue caftan to be in a gothic mood.” she said sounded forewarning of a supposed strange Rigor she is about to see.

“Of course, well is it bad? Anyway, he is to occupy Tonia’s seat in front row instead. She is to attend the La Scala reopening that is happening the same time tonight. She wished you good luck, i must tell you the earnest desire in her to see you walk the path but logically she can’t be in two places at the same time. Come on now, stress must be ward off.” said Calista who eyed the long queue on the table while Daniela headed the dressing room with the thought of the late model. She went inside a white room full of vanity mirrors labeled by model’s name, each of which had drawers full of beauty products. Lights from bulbs mounted on mirror were so bright it won’t miss any imperfection on your face. ‘I am to enter the world of the late model, what is here to be unfold?’ thought Daniela scanning wall where photographs of couture gowns hung and each properly labeled with model’s name. She found Anabie Falkhen’s vanity mirror on far end. She went right to avoid TV Moda’s crews to the left who took shots of models, stylist and assistants on the run. She thought of the room exclusively for models, stylists, and make up artists. Unfortunately, for Daniela, TV moda got a contract or rights to exclusively air the pre and post production of Milan Fashion Week.

Although, they’re the only media in the room. To Daniela, it was crowded. ‘I am to face them only when I’m done and ready. Daniela is not to be seen twice on television.’ she said to herself and smiled to the team of beauty experts on her space.

“Hi,i haven’t slept much, i look awful. I’ve heard your hot facial massage is the best.” said Daniela longing to lie on spa bed with hole for the head to rest on. “Please i need it before my hair and make up.”
“Of course dear, that’s what we’re here for.” said the reflexologist who prepared the hot towelette.
“You need not beg for it, you’re a star.” said the make up artist who emptied drawers and arranged beauty products in a random manner. Facial foam, cleanser, toner, moisturizer, foundation, then series of compact shades, pencils of various colors and applicators.
“Well, a star doesn’t necessarily be a bitch. I mean Angelina Jolie and Nicole Kidman both hailed Ambassadress of goodwill. See, good attitude do make you one.” said the hairstylist brushing Daniela’s tousled mane. Daniela smiled lying on the foldable massage bed and even with her eyes close, lights from TV Moda crew was so bright she wanted the towelette be on her face immediately only if not to be branded a bitch by the latter. All she cared then was to bury her face away from the camera.

Disclaimer: This journal chronicle events from my past career describing activities on and off salesman’s duties. All events described herein actually happened irrespective of the order the blog was posted. Any resemblance to persons living or dead should be plainly apparent to them and those who know them and that the author is not responsible for any assumptions that may arise; to construe from the fact presented is discouraged as the author is still trying to make sense of it. You may do so at your own risk.

Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links to which i may earn commissions upon your purchase. It will cost you nothing extra but it will help my blog up. 


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