The New King

Isis bound Osiris’s parts by linen with sea salt and an ankh and magically bound him back to life. The devil successfully deceived Seth bribing him of greater power; promised him Kingdom of his own with equality. All these led him to a deal with the devil on stealing the fused ichor and handed it to him.


The whole Council outraged by Anubis’s carelessness over the ichor for it was a fusion which will never happen again. Anubis growled, vengeful and remorseful of the failure over his protection over the ichor. Anubis’s mastery over the dead had gone trifling and since then the whole Council despised Seth.

Anubis will then forever guard dead body in hope the ichor be recovered. If not, the promised immortality will be buried for an eternal oblivion but the Council was confident that the supposed new god is of their direction since they bestowed their own power and have control over. Anubis on the other hand worked doubly hard to regain the Council’s trust.

The Council accepted Anubis’s apology and in fact gave him greater responsibility over the dead and living as well.
“Tonight, the Council must plan properly of the war we are to wage against the devil.” said the sun-god studying each of the Council’s disposition on war over the devil and he mused everyone was as ready to win judging from their fierce eyes ever fiery and vengeful.

The Sun-god
Horus’s army
Horus’s army gearing for battle

“We will win this war!!!” said the familiar voice from the hallway out of the dungeons that was followed by a muffled sound of thousand wooden slippers. Every demigod let out a cry as Horus took center of great hall and raised his shield having felt the spirit of war. He knelt before the Council who bowed back in reverie. He walked across toward the baldachin and delivered the news of Osiris’s convalescing but couldn’t join the war. Everyone felt grievous but the desire to carry on was alive.


Horus then asked the sun-god and the Council’s permission to render his plan and they signaled him to go ahead. After Horus presented his plan, everyone agreed. He added saying “through my death lies what befallen.” He then proceeded on commanding his troops to distribute the necessary accouterments for demigods going to war. Everyone was eager to risk their life that they’d slept on their equipage as Horus told them to get rest until day break.

Horus’s army

Outside the Luxor temple were thousands of demigod soldiers ready to receive any command. Horus, a falcon headed god of war with powerful eye which can see through your soul by looking at him directly; waited for any sign of an enemy. He’s sure the devil will be here. He knew the devil will use Seth on determining their way of attack.Riding on his golden chariot, he wore armored suit, shield on left hand and an arrow on right hand. He waited there patiently. He waited there patiently. He always led his army victorious. His army used an udjat or the magical eye of Horus on their arrow for best shot like Horus did with keen eye, he can kill three at once.

Horus’s army

From afar, a cloud of dust filled the air. Enemies at last arrived. the whinnying and thunderous thud of war horses grew louder as they came nearer and came to a halt as one muscular man in front stopped them.


The muscular man wore no accouterments except for the sealed vessel he was carrying up high, though his army was fully equipped for war. ‘What was he holding up?’ Was he intimidating me by not wearing any safety armor? Had the devil gain too much power from the ichor and that gave him an ego to win the war and disparaged us? Horus’s thoughts raced as he observed enraged armies while the commander remained stationary still holding the vessel up high. Most of horses rose wildly and advance leaving the commander behind. Warriors lifted their swords up roaring despite having no order from the commander to attack. It was disorder.

Seth’s Army- Zombie

Disorder was what Horus thought and he got lost. Horus’s army can’t wait for his command that they’d counter attack arrows coming forth and that they were disperse to all directions. They were surprise to see Horus ordering them to cease attacking but too late for demigods who lost their lives. Instead, they saw Horus ordering them to run for cover and attack only when enemies go near for hand to hand combat. Horus discovered enemies to be zombies that they needed to be kill through their hearts.

Zombie army
Zombie army

The muscular man struggled and go near Horus but without attacking. He was running around on cover and with the vessel still up high. There was something about the vessel which this muscular man wanted everyone to know. Horus’s mind raced again but before he go near to any conclusion, one of demigod came near the muscular man and aimed for his heart.

“No!!!” bellowed Horus as he unbelievably saw bloods gushed out of Seth’s heart- the muscular man. Seth meant retreat by his holding of the vessel of blood up high and that the blood meant he had fallen to being a mortal. He was cursed by the devil who along the way been the commander of zombies. Zombies then aimed at Horus who was caught unready and got killed in no time. Demigods enraged at the loss of Horus and Seth. They unleashed last of their strengths attacking every zombies’s heart so that the air was in pitch black smoke as zombies turned to ashes.


Demigods raised their swords and arrows in victory as they roared their anger from having lost their beloved Horus, the great god of war and Seth who returned to them in reconciliation and repentance. They gathered their dead back to the temple in deep sorrow. Dead demigods piled neatly behind Horus’s chariot with his cartouche. They all waited for the sun-god and the Council to lead the burial ceremony. They not only lost Horus but the hope he brought them as well. They lost their inspiration, their savior, their beloved Horus. It was doubly unfortunate for Isis to have lost his son and her husband Osiris being on the brink of death during the onslaught of war. Sun-god and the Council comforted her. They reminded her of Horus’s heroic deeds that he must have been happy doing so as a warrior.

“Through his death, we found out our biggest lost. He prophesied that his own death would be the path to our destiny. He foretold the downfall of demigods to mortality and it’s calling out to reach and every one of us and that is the destiny we are to take.” said the Sun-god bereaved at the loss of gods and the downfall of demigods to being human. His promise of immortality went trifling.

Every one stayed for the rest of the day wondering how the devil could have done that.
“Zombies’s arrows were poisoned not by a curare but smeared with blood, human blood which resulted from the devil’s concoction of an ichor and its ashes.” said the Sun-god recalling how Seth meant about the blood on sealed vessel he tried holding up high hoping us to get the message he’s trying to convey but the devil was so fast distracting us sending arrows and spears and chaos ensued.

Horus’s army

It was a long night that ended the old Kingdom, a night every one will never ever forget until the Sun-god and the Council decided to carry on and start building anew together with revived spirit. Tomorrow, they will accept challenges and adversities human has to go through.

At the first break of dawn comes hope, inspiration and a kingdom which will be lead by descendants of Horus and his wife Hathor, the goddess of love. It was a long morning that every one will remember to be the start of the tradition of Kings and Pharaohs who suffered battling against the devil. From then on, countless Kingdoms had risen and fell due to human’s frailty but the last of demigods had risen to the new kingdom. The wrath of the devil throughout the age of the Middle Kingdom honed them well and humans are about to learned. They learned to love the new King and Queen who stand Regent to heir to the throne. Human suffered much already. As aberrated as human could get, they conquered land but it was the Sun-god’s promise of immortality they hold onto. The presence of demigods in their land motivated them to go through days and nights. The guidance of elementa gods and goddesses assured them protection against the devil. The humble and yet sacred Elementa palace had given them a sense of peace.

As was agreed, the Council bestowed special power to the King and Queen of the land and to the supposedly recipient of the fused ichor- their son.


The Council had gone back to their own dwellings in Heliopolis’s planets and occasionally met in the Apex to iron out the chaotic inhabitants and visit their secret dwellings on the abyss of Earth.

The King and Queen then run the Elementa palace, the kingdom and all of the land smoothly while the Council was emulating the devil’s power and was on search for the new ichor.

the Queen
the King

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