Heaven’s Fortress

For a long time of undisturbed peace, the Luxor temple was completed and it calls for a celebration. The Emperor and the Council and demigods gathered for a ceremony. Bastet, goddess of joy, dance and music was a half woman-half cat led the ceremony. She moved as if dancing to a rhythm as cats would. Belly dancers joined her to the grand lobby as she transformed herself to a white cat sitting lovely and glowed to a G-clef. A touch from her brought enormous joy hence, she brought harmony to the Council. Her power lies in music which could hypnotized, amazed, shocked, enlightened and cursed. She’s also known as the temptress for her seductive power.

Everyone felt blissful of the peace and grateful for the bountiful harvest on the table until they were all surprised by Anubis’s intrusion having to stop the feast at midnight.

“The ichor was lost!!!! The ichor was stolen!!!” Anubis growled in anger. Everyone was transfixed having caught by yet another attack except for the Emperor who managed to stand on his feet. Anubis ran across the lobby towards the baldachin where the Emperor and the Council had been sitting. His massive claws on feet pounded fiercely onto the floor which sent a powerful thud echoing through the hall. His anger resonated to all demigods but remained transfixed that their face glowered as he reached the baldachin. The Emperor calmed him and let him sit on an empty chair. The Emperor descent the stairs and summoned demigods inside the temple. He asked all doors be close and let everyone stay for the night.

The Emperor, the sun god built his throne on the sun where he can watch over the Earth and the rest of Heliopolis and provided lights and took control over it. His lights were symbol of enlightenment to its demigods but a scorch, fiery weapon to the enemy. The Emperor went back to baldachin with the Council now in circle. He patted Anubis’s shoulder and resumed his vacant seat.

Seth, he stole it as i was tending the dead.” said Anubis growling in anger. The rest of the Council looked on while the Emperor seemed unaffected; he was rather gratified by the prosperous life demigods have on Earth; a good reason to wear his golden headdress as a sign of supremacy. Unfortunately, the Emperor share the same power that of the evil. A big detrimental to achieving a lasting peace across Heliopolis. The evil kept fighting for his ascendancy over the Emperor and thus the never ending war. A very brief period of peace reign Heliopolis only if they reach a truce that would only lasts for a very short period of time. A time spent by the evil to plot his next plan. He used his last card; Seth who’d been ensnared by his weakness-being a gullible.

Seth, a muscular god of physical strength bestowed with less power by the Council for they feared his great strength and uncontrollable temper might ruin the Council. The excessive use of physical strength over mental strength and spiritual as well is ungodly but the Council made him one of them suggesting that the Council needed some force.

The Emperor once said the Council needs no extra forces because Horus was there to provide the protection they needed and having many forces would only build conflict. However, other members of the Council were firmed in their belief of having as many forces there is for Council’s safety. The Emperor agreed on Seth’s deitification, only with less power. The Council then proceed on Horus as the Emperor’s appointee on grounds that they revered the Emperor’s deductions and felt it an insult to Emperor’s part on having more force other than his own.

Seth then worked as an assistant to Anubis instead of going to wars. Seth learned from his apprenticeship the art, magic and all rules there is to learn about mummification, regeneration, rejuvenation and recreation until he learned breaking it properly. As wicked as he gets, Seth cut Osiris into pieces as revenge to Horus, the Emperor and the Council. He’d shown them he’s not a mediocre god but his act justified the Emperor’s deduction of him as a lesser god- a mediocre.


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