An Asian Psycho Story


‘Nothing can make me more happy than knowing the fact that our choice matters in this quest.’ Daniela told herself and was grateful for her new found freedom. she frolic celebrating being free like those jolly teenagers passing along from behind her who freely boarded their skates and exhibited their stunts. She chased them with an eagerness to watch stunts getting complicated. Then she skipped aside giving way to group of people on roller blades who were on tail of skate boarders. She ran in pursue for two rolling groups. They rolled along marbled pavements and was impossible for her to catch up in high heels. She stayed behind and decided to have a pair of roller blades soon for that easy rolling, slithering like this superimposed snake on boutique’s door but was not slithering but coiled. A familiar logo she’d seen back at Singapore Fashion Week. Yes, a Cartier logo! What was that all about? A Cartier’s python coiling around Versace’s medusa head and above it an Armani’s hawk hovers with wings spread. An unlikely collaboration; she thought. It means more than just a logo. It tells something.’ she told herself eyeing the display on vaults labeled Cartier’s love bracelet. What about those golden ram’s heads? Those golden goat’s heads? Their golden hooves? They were adorned lording over the auditorium. Those gothic couture collections were meant to be examined closely. She hated herself for it was too late before she realized something obvious as the ashen snake tattoo worn by the vixen Bjorn on her both arms. ‘All i thought it was basilisk but damned i overlooked the ash. How stupid of me not to notice early on that she’s the only one fully ashen.’ she told herself. Her make up was so dark, headdress unadorned and clad in plain black leather. Obviously, Bjorn was wearing an ensemble that the Queen or the Rehab Council viewed as something that of the dark side and should be avoided at all cost. Daniela suddenly recalled Dreb was talking about how the Rehab Council trained us to carefully distinguish fantasy from reality. This is maybe one of those training. But she allow her brain to immerse deep into the fantasy world of fashion as she deemed it fit whenever she felt she gain control of her reality. She thought that Bjorn’s ensemble is a simple way to get rid of sun disk, diamond studded python, golden hawks but still able to act camouflage among other couture collections. In fact, that particular piece earned most nods from fashion critics. Would she get burned if ever she’d been accessorized with those Rehab Council’s representation ( Council’s representations are brand’s logo and Trademarks carried by the Council to be the symbol of advocacy they champion for.)

‘Is Bjorn becoming like an evil? But an evil only fears the flail and not those Council’s representations. On the contrary, Bjorn do not fear the flail. Therefore, she’s not likely becoming an evil.’ she said to herself and concluded that Bjorn’s insistence of wearing no accessory was just an act of taking sides and that she considered wearing those Council’s representations as swastika in support of its cause or advocacy and her refusal of wearing it suggested that she’s careful not to be identified as of the Council’s. She’s making it clear, she’s of the dark side which comes not a surprise for she is a proclaim rebel beauty.

“Lovely, isn’t it? See, the love bracelet is shared by lovers; one has to wear the bracelet and is forever locked. The other wears the necklace with its pendant as the key; he or she then become the key holder. In this way, one will need the other to unlock it when it’s the partner’s turn to wear the bracelet.” said the Cartier lady.

“why they need to take turns?” asked Daniela who was annoyed because of the unsolved theory of the evil’s fear over flail and the puzzling Council’s representations and here this lady bombarding some yet another things to ponder.

“Because the bracelet symbolizes love that partners are supposed to share. The key provides a mutual companionship between partners. without each other’s consent, love bracelet can’t be shared. poetic, isn’t it?” said the Cartier lady.

“So much for a drama, why everything has to symbolize something intangible?” said Daniela who felt trapped in this commercialism. “For instance, Valentine’s day, why we need to buy all those heart shaped collectibles just to show our affection. Why we need to celebrate Christmas in such a lavish spending. Justify those expenditures.” said Daniela challenging the lady’s temper.

“Because it is mind over matter” Intangible like thoughts, hope, love, spirituality and others are profound we outsource from something we can grasp- the matter.” said the Cartier lady calmly. Salespeople are outwitting customers lately that shut Daniela up and examined the piece closely and can’t think of what to say. She decided to share how she ended up being an ambassadress of various luxury brands and how those companies have flown her all over to not just for brand awareness but to support the Cause and campaign for Charities they are funding for and be the face of what those companies are advocating for. Her life is deeply embedded in consumerism/ commercialism and pop culture. The Cartier lady was in awe that she can’t process at how the Rehab Council use shopping/ consumerism/ commerce or whatever to her path to recovery.

“You know what, you’re telling your story like you lifted it straight out of Bret Easton Ellis’s novel minus the murder. I’m not sure if they’re supposed to treat you with being shopaholic or being a substance dependent. But i really wish you to be fully well so i can only imagine you to be that girl straight from Sophie Kinsella novel.” said the Cartier lady.

“Crazy Rich Asians is by Kevin Kwan……” said Daniela refusing to be neither from an American Psycho novel nor from a Shopaholic novel……

The Cartier lady believed she got her hooked and proceed on her selling.

“Now, we go over the matter. The bracelet is made of 24 karat gold; studded at interval around with six pieces 24 karat cut screw shaped diamond. The chain necklace is also a 24 karat gold which holds the 24 karat gold screw driver pendant. The diamond screw which protrudes well above the other is the detachable one. The others were set fixed as an ornament.” said the Cartier lady in an awe inspiring eye to which Daniela let her eyes bulge in mock response.

“Awesome, how much is it?” asked Daniela

“Twenty thousand dollars, it’s worth it.” said the Cartier lady who handed Daniela a business card which she assumed to mean ‘give us a call when you already have the money’

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Note: Pop Culture has always been embedded in our lives. We are all ardent consumer of everything Pop. Earlier days of our lives or our formative years had been encroached with images shown by the passive media which turned out to be our go-to guide on what’s acceptable or not. Readily available Pop Culture had been the staple of what’s cool to be accepted by our peers. 

Peer pressure is a force to reckon with for it always sucked us in to be competitive- keeping up with those fads and crazes which from time to time leveling up the ante. Those who lead the game of Pop obviously become princes and princesses; and few who really raise the bar so high become King and Queen- but there’s a catch. 

Raising the bar so high comes with a hefty price- what’s with the substance abuse to cope with the stress brought by the impossible demands of Popdom and thus we all are trap in a world that threatens to burst any given time. 

This is the story of Rigor and Daniela maneuvering in an ever changing Pop World. They have their fair share of heartaches and mental illnesses brought by the world that Popped. 

Follow their story of how they managed to find a cure or a therapy that is more than a retail therapy but something that Pop icons and Pop luminaries pioneered and led Pop world to achieve Mental Health. 

Discover the gift of Pop………

Disclaimer: This journal chronicle events from my past career describing activities on and off salesman’s duties. All events described herein actually happened irrespective of the order the blog was posted. Any resemblance to persons living or dead should be plainly apparent to them and those who know them and that the author is not responsible for any assumptions that may arise; to construe from the fact presented is discouraged as the author is still trying to make sense of it. You may do so at your own risk.

Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links to which i may earn commissions upon your purchase. It will cost you nothing extra but it will help my blog up. 



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