Fully Functioning Dysfunctional (A Friend’s Journey to Mental Health) Asian Psycho Story


The city is great for walking but Daniela decided to hire a taxi for directions to BCBG BGC (Bonifacio Global City), besides she didn’t want to be late. Upon punching her time card in, her co-worker Tracy oriented her of a fashion consultant’s job and she got it right in a course of a day. The store manager remarked that everything came easy to her, very natural. Daniela would think to herself she earned the Queen’s nod as her official personal shopper and that she sets high standard. She impressed the Queen of her obsessive-compulsiveness to details of her wardrobe and accessories and serving her royal guests. That would make her a very good fashion consultant and store buyer ( responsible for store’s collections)

Closing time in BCBG, everyone asked Daniela to join them for a girl’s night out but Daniela said her boyfriend will pick her up and that she needed to stay behind. When everyone left, Daniela pretended reading each of giant BCBG Max Azria fragrance factice resembling an obelisk in store’s entrance like most window-shoppers do. She paid extra attention to the obelisk Metro, stopping down to its base and felt for the Braille but it was so smooth, perfect to the edge. She recalled Tracy jotted down the store opening’s to-do-list which includes buffing of these obelisks for it mirrors brand’s image and she remarked that Daniela should stick to product’s story outlined by the company and she retorted saying it’s her story; after all that’s what her followers wanted, her personal experiences with the product.

After going through four obelisks pretending like a very curious shopper who value details, she resigned at the thought that nothing can be found here. Besides, she found the BCBG Nature obelisk erecting alone in Le Croisette BCBG store and the BCBG Star obelisk erecting alone in Rodeo Drive BCBG store.

Exhausted, Daniela strolled along BGC High Street thinking it might refresh her memory. She called Rigor her boyfriend but he’s gone somewhere out the vicinity of their suite. She decided to walk thinking over what’s her being a brand Ambassadress or an influencer got to do with Rehab Center’s task for them? “Focus, zoom out and you’ll see the big picture.” she told herself as whirlwind of thoughts slowly resurface from her memory and recounted it. “Now that we know about dregs of evil’s white ash (cocaine) or remnants still flowing in their blood making it impure. What we need to do getting rid of it totally? How we get our blood cleanse? They would say clean living, but how is that exactly? Had the purification of blood something to do with the soul? What the Queen wanted us to do with it?’ Looking back, she admired how the Queen speak to them in a manner they can understand. The Queen would engaged them to talk out in a medium that would piqued their interest like movies, pop culture and so on. Speaking to someone under the state of delusion and under the influence of drugs takes one sets of special skills to be able to deal with an addict effectively as she somehow resurface from it but here she is taking on Queen’s will before she died and continue Queen’s legacy that made them both her boyfriend an advocate for mental health. Was the Queen a former addict? She has no way of knowing with all those secrecy and protocol and stuff surrounding the royal family.

In fact, she believed there are lots of work to do now that it all slowly coming back now. Words of the Queen heightened with renewed interest; sometimes Daniela thought that she still has dregs of evil’s white ash for it made her memory so sharp but Rigor disagrees and would say she’s delusional.

‘Going back, it”s all about the soul. The immaterial manifestation of the Rehab Center’s “fire within”. The Jedi’s mediclorian and Austen power’s mojo told something about the power within. I knew it, the manifestation of silvery white filament light from alchemical transformation of silver to gold was all about the soul coming out of the flesh.

From the beginning, the Queen introduced the simplest of smiley that we got right by assuming it to mean ‘happiness within’ and that became our guide finding other hints. From then on, the Queen never failed to be consistent about the soul. The glowing hand relief on Bedjas buried beneath Elizabeth Taylor’s Star on Hollywood Walk of Fame was undoubtedly about the soul. So why the Queen keep sending us to all these places with handsome rewards stated on her last will upon completion of the task. Are we getting all the clues right? Do we keep on making mistakes? Maybe, there’s something more we need to know before we could fully disseminate her advocacy to a bigger platform.

There’s more to know getting rid of evil’s white ash. That’s right! o my God! I’ve been thinking aloud!’ she told herself covering her head and wished she could have Magneto’s helmet safeguarding from enemy’s scanning of his brain and thoughts. Someone might have access to her mind too and fear being brainwashed or the evil is still powerful he could be in her mind and influenced her physically, mentally and spiritually.

Her brain was impinged by series of thoughts like one was channel surfing over satellite TV. She ran bumping on people escaping from this paranoia. She ran a good distance and realized that nothing suggested an evil was capable of doing such thing. Deception, that’s all it does. She slowed down and stopped as if the madness subsides. In fact, the Rehab Center too do not have such power over her mind. They were assured that all facilities used in the Center are all brain safe, they do not employ electric shock for the brain or anything to that effect. She smiled at the aspect of neither the Rehab Center nor the evil had the advantage over their mind. It’s hers and Rigor’s journey that both sides were waiting for their chance to toss their own coin.

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Note: Pop Culture has always been embedded in our lives. We are all ardent consumer of everything Pop. Earlier days of our lives or our formative years had been encroached with images shown by an intrusive media which turned out to be our go-to guide on what’s cool or not. Readily available Pop Culture had been the staple of what’s cool to be accepted by our peers. 

Peer pressure is a force to reckon with for it always sucked us in to be competitive- keeping up with those fads and crazes which from time to time leveling up the ante. Those who lead the game of Pop obviously become princes and princesses; and few who really raise the bar so high become King and Queen- but there’s a catch. 

Raising the bar so high comes with a hefty price- what’s with the substance abuse to cope with the stress brought by the impossible demands of Popdom and thus we all are trap in a world that threatens to burst any given time. 

This is the story of Rigor and Daniela maneuvering in an ever changing Pop World. They have their fair share of heartaches and mental illnesses brought by the world that Popped. 

Follow their journey to the ever changing Pop world where their child’s game of retail therapy that Pop is known for leads them to find a cure or a therapy (that is not a pseudo science or pop science) but something Pop icons and Pop luminaries pioneered and led Pop world to achieve Mental Health. 

Discover the gift of Pop………

Disclaimer: This journal chronicle events from my past career describing activities on and off salesman’s duties. All events described herein actually happened irrespective of the order the blog was posted. Any resemblance to persons living or dead should be plainly apparent to them and those who know them and that the author is not responsible for any assumptions that may arise; to construe from the fact presented is discouraged as the author is still trying to make sense of it. You may do so at your own risk.

Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links to which i may earn commissions upon your purchase. It will cost you nothing extra but it will help my blog up.



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