Cnidarian Inspiration

Florals?.. for Spring?..Groundbreaking…

-Miranda Priestly

Spring by Giuseppe Arcimboldo

For someone in high fashion industry who’ve seen and knew it all like Miranda Priestly, she easily dismissed the idea of Florals for Spring. Well i think everyone associated Florals for Spring so that we eventually get tired of seeing blooms and fields printed all over the fabric and we were like a walking flower vase. It’s ok to celebrate the Spring but wearing floral print is akin to having floral wallpaper all over when you can actually have vase full of flowers to appreciate it. Obviously, i love flowers and Nature as a whole. It brings me to my consciousness and be on the present moment and it gives me a sense of peace or pause from a busy life. But flowers do more than just giving us that meditative healing properties or a mere ornament but actually ensures food productions and bring balance to the ecosystem. So, one can’t totally veer away from flowers; our survival depends on it.

We can look into Nature’s vastness during the season of bloom; a season of beginning that fashion industry can draw inspiration from and learn something from the Master of Design- the Nature. This Spring we will look deeper into the vast ocean for inspiration. As it warm a bit; it’s inhabitants like corals, sea anemones and all other Cnidarians bloom. Though not a plant but an animal they come alive and thrive in warmer water.


Coral Reefs
Image by Pixaloop
Divina by Edward Arsouni

Corals never ceases to amaze us with its vibrant colors and awe- inspiring shapes for milllions of years. These creatures are fragile no matter how sturdy their structures are. They can be a bedrock of life in the ocean but it cannot thrive on its own. It survives on a Symbiotic relationships (give and take) It is generous to those who care for it and can be deadly to those that does not. In simple terms, you get what you put out. You reap what you sow.

Yes, corals owe their colors from their symbiont and you might think color is the least one can get from this Symbiotic relationship but it’s a marker by which we can determine the status of this Symbiotic relationships. It’s bleak if it started to bleach and would soon die. Learn more about Coral Bleaching.

Coral Reefs
image by Pixaloop

Seriously, color is the least of your concern but it’s the tipping point by which we can determine the survival rate of ocean’s life. It’s more than meets the eye. Color is the main determinant that could trigger an alarm and if you would examine closely on a cellular level, a discoloration can set us to a catastrophic consequences. More importantly, we should learn other factors affecting the health of Corals

Colors and free flowing style of the following Spring collections closely resemble that of Spring’s flora and fauna’s blooming up the land and under the sea. It is more than just aesthetics. It is a statement or an expression to celebrate Spring’s beauty and also to bring awareness and address environmental issues affecting our oceans so that we can enjoy its full colors and all good stuff it brings.

Sea Anemone
image by Pixaloop


Sea Anemone
image by Pixaloop

Don’t be fooled by their appearance. Sea Anemone may look like a flower but they sting like a bee…..or worst as they can paralyze their prey before devouring it. They might stay in one place once they found their spot but once under attack, it’s either fight or flight…..


Among Cnidarians (corals, sea anemone) Jellyfish gone through a Medusa stage. What once a jellyfish was once a polyp but a beast among polyps.

Jellyfish’s Life cycle

Among cousin polyps, Jellyfish are infamous. Behind their beauty lurks a nasty poison, a neurotoxin capable of avenging their defenseless cousin. But jellyfish are peaceful as their sedentary cousin corals and sea anemone until the global warming.

They are infamous for causing disruptions en masse. In recent years, unprecedented jellyfish invasion had been recorded worldwide. Global warming cause jellyfish’s population explosion. This serves as a wake up call or as a precursor of what’s worst to come.


Clearly, Betta fish are not of Cnidarian. I can’t resist their beauty I included them here. Just look at them, I bet you too can’t resist them.

Betta Fish
image by Pixaloop
Betta Fish
image by Pixaloop
Betta Fish
image by Pixaloop
Betta Fish
image by Pixaloop

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