Throwback Hollywood

As a moviegoer, I found ways of entertaining myself; i created a game. I call it Hollywood Connect! It’s like connect the dots of how the movie stars are connected by way of working together in one movie or more and not their personal relationship; yes this is strictly professional relationships. Let’s see where my dollars went for the past years. Let’s start with Nicolas Cage; he has a movie City of Angels- I like those angels hovering the HOLLYWOOD sign on hills but it was a heartbreaking movie, like most star crossed lovers who didn’t meet at the end when finally Nicolas became a mortal and Meg Ryan became an immortal or an angel. Sad, isn’t it? Then Meg Ryan has a movie You’ve Got Mail. I don’t like it either when Big Bookstores opened up on all corners which made the small ones suffer which amazingly has staff who knows what they’re selling. Meg Ryan’s character knows which one is a good read and he met Tom Hanks and they fell in love with each other. Tom Hanks who has a movie Da Vinci Code; well researched novel like this one inspires me to dig deep into things. Fact is really stranger than fiction that this novel made a blur line between them that it creates controversy and topple the faith of those who are frailty.

City of Angels

Da Vinci Code stars Alfred Molina who has a movie Spiderman; he was Dr. Octopus. He stars with Kirsten Dunst who was a good screamer in this movie but that’s not the only reason why they cast her as MJ Watson. She is the It Girl at that time. She has a movie Interview with Vampire;she was little girl then but she managed to be on top along with Brad Pitt who has a movie The Mexican with Julia Roberts who said something along the line of ”It’s hard to let go of someone you love but you know when enough is enough”. Julia Roberts has a movie My Bestfriend’s Wedding; “so I’m a fungus” cried Julia with Cameron Diaz who stars with much giggles and action in Charlie’s Angels and shared laughs with the equally bubbly girl Drew Barrymore who fell in love in The Wedding Singer with the bad hair day Adam Sandler who wanted to enjoy every moment in Click with Kate Beckinsale who hunted vampires and monsters as Elena in Van Helsing and fell in love with Hugh Jackman who forked out his wrath against Magneto and gained the support of Storm Halle Berry learning that a good offense is the best defense in X-Men.

Interview with the Vampire

Halle Berry has a movie Password: Swordfish with John Travolta who was very cool in Be Cool, Be Very Cool with Mama Uma Thurman who was equally stunning in The Avengers (no, not the Marvel movie) as Dr. Emma Peel “Please, don’t get up.” Said Emma Peel ”Tea? anyone? said Ralph Fiennes as John Steed who finally showed his butt that Julianne Moore doesn’t want to see in The End Of the Affair, say it in British accent. It distracted when bombs were raining and he has to do it with Julianne Moore as if it was really the end of the affair. She fairly did it in Magnolia as an addict with Tom Cruise. Do you believe in phenomena or just coincidences and consequences? Magnolia the movie explained. Tom Cruise has a movie Vanilla Sky with his deformed face and get a ME time big time in Times Square. I like it when he was frozen by way of some new science to re-experience the life he had through the lucid dream. He has several movies surrounding that Scientology theme. He stars with her ex love Penelope Cruz who has a movie Bandidas; from the title what do you expect? The Mexican accent was all over the place. It was fun though with Salma Hayek who has a movie After Sunset with Pierce Brosnan.

The Avengers

The James Bond actor who hated being asked of the beauty blunder but loved Halle Berry to answer that question in Die Another Day. Halle Berry scared the hell out of me in Gothika where she has to be insane and be admitted to an insane asylum to fully understand becoming insane and thus solved the conundrum of what it really is to be in there and uncover how they ended up in there and unmask the true demon. It’s like a movie of an undercover agent for insane. Being insane is just underneath the skin. That’s how they refer it in the movie as they were force to be insane and eventually be truly insane; that is if you have a weak mind. She stars with Penelope Cruz who was trapped underneath the skin. She had Blow it away with Jonny Depp who was a smuggler. It’s one of those B-movies you regretted watching. Depp is best as Jack Sparrow in Pirate of the Carribean with Keira Knightley who was a Bounty Hunter in Domino with Lucy Liu who was a Ballistic with Antonio Banderas who was rather beautiful with the The Mask Of Zorro with Anthony Hopkins who was untouchable in The Hannibal with Julianne Moore as Agent Clarice Starling. “You must always try something new.” he advised a kid on a plane and he let the kid ate a human brain. Something really new. Yikes. Julianne Moore stars in Evolution with Sean Scott. I recalled those creatures, i suspect they also are in the MIB movie. Sean Scott was in the Final Destination. ” You cannot escape death twice.” said the poster in the second installation with Ali Larter who stars in The Legally Blonde with Reese Witherspoon. “Good to know someone has a brain from among the girls in sorority.” But Elle Woods tip toed his way to the courtroom and trimmed all the evidences therein with her scented pink stationaries. She was in Cruel Intentions where she met her ex husband Ryan Phillipe who was in I Know What You Did Last Summer with Freddie Prinz Jr. who was the Wing Commander with Saffron Barrow who was also in Alexander with Angelina Jolie whom I like to see tumbling and doing all those stunts in Wanted where they fell to the lair of Morgan Freeman who was the President In the Deep Impact saying that buildings are just structures which are easily destroyed and easily built but nothing can destroy our hearts to go on. He stars with Elijah Wood who was a Hobbit and fascinated the Lady of the Wood Cate Blanchett in Fellowship of the Rings.

Cruel Intentions

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