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As a moviegoer, I found ways of entertaining myself; i created a game. I call it Hollywood Connect! It’s like connect dots of how movie stars are connected through their professional relationships.

Cate Blanchett stars in Babel with Brad Pitt. This movie made me think how ones wrongdoing affects the other. So, we should be really responsible of our acts. Brad Pitt has a movie Fight Club. ” First rule of fight club is do not talk about fight club.” It’s an underground ghetto of people who wanted to have a break and people who never punched someone’s face and was stuck in the daily routine of their lives just like Helena Bonham Carter who attends the support group for free snacks. One of my favorite movie which has a huge cult following. Helena Bonham Carter was fine in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory with Johnny Depp. They always work together with other notable projects with fellow remarkable artist/director/producer Tim Burton. Gangs all here. Johnny Depp was Edward Scissorhand with Winona Ryder. Winona was an annoying demanding actress in Simone where in the end she kneels to Al Pacino for a project.

Al Pacino was in Devil’s Advocate with Keanu Reeves who was a ghost in The Lakehouse with Sandra Bullock who fell in love with Forces of Nature’s Ben Affleck who was gone to war in Pearl Harbor and back again with Josh Hartnett having his long lost love. Josh Hartnett was deceived in A Wicker Park and lost Diane Kruger who was a curator and found the trail to the National Treasure at the back of The Declaration of Independence with Nicolas Cage who was Gone in 60 seconds stealing cars with Angelina Jolie who bear it all in the Original Sin with Antonio Banderas who comes back to tell the Legend of Zorro with Catherine Zeta-Jones who was stealing artifacts in The Entrapment with Sean Connery who was Alan Quatermain, one of the member of League of Extraordinary Gentleman with the immortal Stuart Townsend and also a Vampire Lestat in Anne Rice’s The Vampire Chronicle with the Queen Of the Damned Aliyah as Queen Akashia.

Aliyah was in the Mission Impossible with Tom Cruise who happened to be a Few Good Men with Demi Moore who wanted to be a god in Charlie’s Angel – Full Throttle. ” why be an angel if you can be a god” said Demi “who you work for?”asked Angels “I work for myself” said Demi “Well, your boss sucks.” retorted the Angels. Demi Moore was with Bill Murray who was Lost in Translation as in the middle age crisis with Giovani Ribisi who was a Mod Squad with Claire Danes who was in the Family Stone with Sarah Jessica Parker who was in Sex and the City with Jennifer Hudson who received a Louis Vuitton and scream but really it’s not the label that we live for but love. She was singing in Dreamgirls with Beyonce Knowles who was a Fox in GoldMember– The Austen Powers with Mike Myers.

Lost in Translation

Mike Myers was an owner of the Studio 54 with an actress Neve Campbell as a witch in the The Craft with Skeet Ulrich who was in As Good As It Gets with Helen Hunt who was in Pay it Forward with Haley Joel Osment; it was a school assignment where Haley took it seriously and started a project helping people in any way and didn’t ask in return but pay it forward. The school project gained public awareness and inspired that they created their own based on the model that the young boy Haley had created and it became big. Haley was an Artificial Intelligence with Jude Law who was in Commander of the World with Bai Ling who was in Wild Wild West with Will Smith. ” Wicky wicky Wah” Will Smith is an agent in MIB with Tommy Lee Jones who was in Double Jeopardy with Ashley Judd who was trapped in lair of Casanova in Kiss the Girls with Morgan freeman.

Wait The list really goes on but i have to do my chores. So, you can supply the missing link or you can make your own connect dots because i plan on continuing this somewhere else in the net once i got the chance or I’ll ask your help once I’m running out of supplies. Enjoy……..because i think this is better than the music version of this game where you have to supply missing lyrics.

And it’s because Music stations always play the same song……..


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