Puka beach

One can reach Puka beach by tricycle via the Main Road, Boracay……..

You have to be there early so you can have these Kawayan (bamboo) sunbed for yourself for some shade while having your picnic meal as you don’t want to be eating in the sand. Refrain from littering.

Inflatables for rent……

You can also reach Puka by boat…..Puka beach is one of the stop for your island hopping activities being offered by tour operators and some establishments in Station 3.

Inflatables or life jacket is a must as it is a steep dive few meters into the choppy water..yes, it’s windy on this side….There are boats frequently coming back and forth to that island across ( i think they call it Carabao island) famous for its scuba dive spot.

GF’s braid, African nation’s flags and rhythm & blues music blaring in the background complete that Reggae vibe…but i doubt there’s a jamming session going on here night comes because of its laid back atmosphere as opposed to wild White Beach where Beach Reggae Festival is being held annually……Puka beach is a bit secluded but not isolated…hence,the laid back lifestyle and less crowded…..perfect for daring bikini photo shoot….you can search on Instagram #pukabeach and see how free one can go….and because it’s not crowded, it’s perfect for beach volleyball without having to constantly worry of someone being hit.

Pack up time………..

Puka is a perfect moniker for a beach where sands are of crushed puka shells washed ashore giving it a distinct coarse texture…….yes, this is not a place to build your sand castle…….but Puka sand can be of great building material but there are no structure or any development on the beach other than a thatched roof bamboo house which is way better for a laid back southern lifestyle.

Shell Decor sold along the road on the way to the beach

Souvenir shopping on our way home………..D’Mall

Capping the night off with San Mig………Dive’s Guru bar

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