Most of us took refuge in these trees from the scorching heat of the sun………………..

Most of us took refuge in these trees from the scorching heat of the sun but we’re in the beach. Glorious sun, bluest sea and finest sand- that’s what perfect beach are made of. It’s like you go to the beach and you don’t expect to get wet, so i decided to bask in the sun to encourage them but they didn’t join me until the sun set. They were talking about how much they already spent on Gluta drip. The what?

Fresh from Jetty Port

Fresh from Jetty Port, we have no itinerary as to where to go first, so we just wander……it’s better that way………..

tourist from across the globe
Feeling Beyonce
Newly combed sand

Oftentimes, you’ve heard of amazing Boracay sunset, what about sunrise? So, we got up early to catch the sunrise no one is talking about. We found out, you can’t have it’s full glory rising in this side of Boracay sans drone…it did rise nonetheless….. i think you have to scout for a right spot, the other side of Boracay; the hilly ones might be a perfect spot for sunrise viewing. Perks of getting up early is that you get to jog along the 3km. stretch uninterrupted or without having to dodge fellow joggers. A newly combed white sand beach also means not stepping into nightcrawler’s debris (that may include everything from the last night’s party.)

Huge beach lounger, relaxing background music…….perfect spot………..
strolling along the beach and buying kakanin from beach vendor is priceless….it’s very Pinoy…..but i don’t think you can ever find them again after the rehabilitation……Just sad……….
Astoria Current Station 3
The Hotel Staff was talking about the Vacation program and i can’t remember much of it so i look up and found details Here
Soundproof Rooms……….. More details Here

I was curious about the room’s proximity, i know most hotel rooms are built that way and i may sound stupid but i ask Hotel Staff anyway. “Is there any chance the next room could hear us?” “No sir, it’s soundproof” But how soundproof it can get? Well, we get to test it and we get no complaints from neighbors so, it’s really soundproof.

The Famous Sunset
Sun’s last rays for the day

Sun set treating us with its last full show…….giving us magic rays of light only organic eye can experience and appreciate……So one must be there to really appreciate it.

New light emerges ( flickering ones) which signals the nightlife……
We danced the night away…… dancers (not in picture) treat us to acrobatic routine……..
and we call it a night……………..

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