Perks of being Pinoy (Filipino)

We, Filipinos love to celebrate because we find so many reasons to. Well, statistics show us that there are more than 42,000 major and minor festivals in the Philippines, that is 42,000 reasons to celebrate. It’s no surprise we are known as the Capital of World’s Festivities. Majority of which being religious, cultural, celebrating indigenous heritage, the harvest and i can go on and on and you may still ask why so many? It’s because of more than 1,708 diverse islands. But no matter how diverse it can get, we celebrate as one because we share the same love for fun and entertainment which is the central theme of most festivals.

Dungog – Indigenous People’s Festival
video credit: Capiz Government

Interestingly enough, Diversity doesn’t get into the way and cause divisiveness. We celebrate diversity and come together as one. We want to spread good vibes brought by this “Oneness” that reach far and wide because the idea of Unity is Universal. Our being hospitable is one notable attribute that enable us to reach even the most skeptic about sharing. After all, we all are human sharing the same Life and that alone is a reason to celebrate.

We Party Hard……..We Pray Harder………….

 Click Here for Festival’s Schedule in the Philippines

Masskara Festivals

Panagbenga Festivals

Holy Month of Ramadan
Feast (Iftar) Ramadan


Going through list of Fiestas, same event in a month is happening simultaneously across the archipelago. Chapels, church parishes and all under parochial level with Sto. Nino as an official patron is celebrated by congregation throughout January. Celebration varies from island to island that it piqued our interest. So we go island hopping to experience those differences and this made us a natural wanderer. Besides, Philippines has a diverse landscape that will entice everyone to explore.

Puka Beach
Casapsapan beach
Bulawan Falls


Your eyes can feast on diverse landscape and breathtaking sceneries but one is never done as there’s so much to explore. We only take break and sojourn somewhere we can feast on delectable foods. After all, Festival is never complete without glorious foods. In fact, we have festivals for foods as way of Thanksgiving for a bountiful harvest and pray to God to reverse the curse that is global warming or simply to promote one’s product.

Capiztahan is a seafood festival in Capiz dubbed as the Seafood capital of the Philippines. We are surrounded by water so that the archipelago is bless by the bounty of the sea. 33% of the total land area is arable so that agriculture is thriving. Maybe this explains why I grow up a crustacean (kidding) and not vegan.

video credit: Rated-K

Although our cuisine is heavily influenced by the early colonial settlers, our culinary talents explore these available resources and remixes these cuisines to suit what our palates truly want. Perfect example is adobo, (Spanish cuisine) it has a wide variety coming out from different regions and is shared across the archipelago and the world where there are Filipinos.

Pomp and Pageantry

We love to put on a show, we take every chance in Fiestas to showcase our talents. A country of singers and dancers and all kind of performers imaginable, we dance our way to our main thoroughfare garbed in colorful costumes which usually highlights our rich cultural heritage and unique fashion sense and strut till we drop to blaring sounds of drum and bugle corps.

Capiztahan Parade of lights
video credit: mEgz Condez
National Museum Manila
National Museum Manila

We work hard, we party even harder…..

Fiestas are eventful gatherings where townsfolk and luminaries alike come together for merrymaking. Entertainment is what we do best taking breaks from daily toil. We take delight at the performances of our champions from all fields from beauty contest to sports competitions gracing our events. We take pride for our champions uplifting the morale and solidifying pinoys as a nation. No wonder we are the best fans in the world. We reciprocate the hardship and sacrifices champions had given to the nation with love only Filipino fans can give.

Miss Universe 2018- Catriona Gray


Philippines has bountiful talents of exceptional edge; Filipinos are so competitive taking center stage in the international scene. Our work ethics are notable that we export not only exceptional workforce but the brainchild of our home grown talent creating world- class products.

Undeniably, we are a breed of exceptional talents capable of creating something that the world could benefit from but we don’t take pride anymore of what is truly our own. As a salesman for a long time, so sad that i was force to sell foreign products because demands for those are so high. It’s never too late, “Made in the Philippines” campaign made a comeback.

Filipino boasts original talent creating unique art pieces which freezes and wow international audience. Art/ Fashion pieces so stunning that International Superstars loved them.

It is apt to say that we Filipinos love to keep the world so beautiful. From the arsenal of talents from make up artist who worked intently behind those mirrors perfecting their canvass to skin care/ health and beauty creator setting a global standard.

We take pride in what we do, no matter how insignificant one might think of it but it is an integral part of a whole package. Yes, behind the success of Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray is a Glam Team working miniscule details to find beauty in everything.

Moment of truth, we Filipinos loved everything beautiful that we will find bountiful Filipino talents behind those furniture, sculptures, clothing, jewellery, household items of exquisite designs which are proudly pinoy “MADE IN THE PHILIPPINES” and are known internationally.

One upcoming notable artisan of international caliber to watch out for is Mr. Luis Romero Ablaza III. I mean, he always come up with fabulous ideas first even before the trend hit mainstream like the one below.

I saw it first on his Instagram feeds. Seriously, it’s proper time he should take credit or recognition for all his brainchild. Those exquisite artcessories and re-imagination of religious image’s frocks, I saw it in his Instagram even before the MET came up with one……I really have to go down his earliest Instagram post to prove that he’s done it before anyone else did …..Don’t believe me…….. just watch…..Check out his Instagram @ablazablaze

Now explore his other exquisite and fabulous collections.


We Pinoys have happy heart….

We’re notorious for laughing even to the silliest of jokes, practical jokes. We just love a good laugh and we do have a penchant for pick up lines…….

As an OFW having spent more than a decade outside the country, there’s a part in us that misses the fun of it all. But fun is innate among us. We are fun, so we bring the party wherever Filipinos are in the world. We bring the fun of Festival to you

Schedule of Philippines Festival


July Festival Schedule

August Festival Schedule

Some of our kabayan and any non-Filipino might argue that these are superficial attributes that we have but as guest worker or OFW having benefited from the great wealth of the host country, we tend to re examine various aspects we missed back home and use it as point of comparison against the lives of other citizens in the world. Of course, we discover discrepancies among these aspects that truly shape and improve our lives and we are saddened and complain about it, because it’s the easiest to do. Good thing to have pair of eyeballs set in another’s socket. Yes, it takes other citizens to point out to us what are the perks of being Pinoy. It turned out those are things that we took for granted or we don’t know at all that they envy us for it, because like many of us OFWs who are absent for a long time, we tend to forget.

So I seek those tangible perks that impacted our lives as Filipinos. In the process of educating myself with Philippine laws. I found these infographics that might help us Pinoys familiarize what we overlook but millions had benefited from.

Health Care
OFW Program

Click here for more

Travel to the Philippines with Al Tayyar

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