Bottled, Pierced and Inked…

Back to days when things were done in primitive ways……..

 Kaku and Aba were in the underground of the lotus pond. It was where Kaku’s place located and tonight, instead of the usual reading of papyrus scrolls or hieroglyphs on strata, Kaku and Aba sit surrounded by fresh flowers and that they had to segregate it now in preparation for his gift to her.

Kaku was delighted seeing colorful flowers and closed his eyes; nostrils flaring to the soothing aroma filling the air. Aba said he has a kind heart and that the soul closer to nature is a soul closer to God. He would smile catching Aba imitating him trying to get the satisfaction he got and she only shook her head in amazement how it consumed him. He looked at her and they both smiled.

“I guess you need a guide, come here.” Said Kaku and Aba summoned herself like a child beside him with all those flowers around.

“See, each flower is unique with a scent truly their own. You cannot mistake one from the other.” Said Kaku segregating the withered petals from the fresh ones.

“Unless I am unique as you are.” Said Aba

“Am I?” Asked Kaku

“Of course you are. I mean it’s amazing how you got pleasure from simple things like smelling flowers.” Said Aba collecting withered petals and put it in a vessel.

“Well here.” he said giving her a handful of fresh petals. “Close your eyes and smell it.” Aba inhaled the sweet scent of magnolia.

 “How is it?” asked Kaku taking his turn of smelling and smiled waiting for her response.

“It’s lovely.” said Aba flatly.

 “And?” He asked smelling again as if examining the scent thoroughly and she thought he’s enjoying it. 

“It smells spring.” she said surprised at his sudden curiosity. 

“That’s right! Then try to remember the last spring. What you were doing then?” He asked and moments later she laughed. Kaku laughed pounding the mortar filled with color pigments they’re going to use for painting hieroglyphs.

 “Can you share the fun?” Come on tell me.” He asked getting up and lit scented candles on the baldachin where icons of goddesses were lined along with other gods while she pour essences of flowers to potpourris on a vessel. He lit the lamp of mint scented oil and the room forever smells mint and bouquet of flowers. He got back to pounding the mortar but this time it’s filled with dye (from Lawsonia inermis or the henna tree) for their body painting or henna tattoo while she pounds on mortar filled of pitch black pigments- Kohl for eye cosmetics

Sun and Moon

“Come on tell me.” he asked again and she laughed even more as she segregates withered petals. 

“Well, it was in flower farm, my basket were full of magnolias having picked from one shrub till only buds were left, i then proceeded on tracing the trail of a flowering vine on bent knees and I’ve gone long till i bumped someone behind and dove forward with all those flowers scattered over me. I lie on my back and saw you grinning…… “said Aba letting out a sigh of relief as Kaku interrupted wanting to tell that side of story so he could deliver his line the way he would have wanted but failed as he burst in full mirth again.   

 “And i said you looked like one of those lovely dancers.” he said giggling, this time saying lovely instead of belly dancers.

“And you prefer flowers more than jewels.” She said and they both laughed at the awkwardness of how that give away he’s lusting over her. 

“See? More than a pleasure the scent gave, it brought back memories. The liquid memory.” said Kaku.

” I supposed each flower here counts for moment worth reminiscing. Can you share that smile back there with that poppy?” asked Aba. He hesitated and busied himself segregating flowers and pulling dried petals for incense, obviously getting off the discussion. He offered a faint smile that raised her curiosity.

“Come on, tell me, you’re unfair. I spilt my liquid memory therefore you can’t seal yours.” said Aba.”

okay, it’s about you.” he declared that surprised her and couldn’t wait the liquid memory to flow. ” You said the red poppy doesn’t have scent at all but you like the simplicity of it and was inspired to put scents on it whatever suits your moods.” He said with an admiration to Aba. 

“O, poor me, soon you’ll get by of my sentiments.” she said pursing her lips. “And? Go on let it flow. Promise it won’t leak a drop.” 

“What do you mean?” asked Kaku. 

“I mean that giggle back there, i assumed you filled sweetness on that scentless red poppy.” she said grinning.

 “You are really stalking hard on me huh. Well, who can’t be amazed at the level of your optimism? few people have such a gift of filling sweetness to an emptiness; making more out of nothing. You somehow taught me to live amidst the protocol and secrecy we both call prison. You made me happy. You said you’ll serve me in the after-life and will free me from yet another god’s prison.” said Kaku and gave a wide smile. She let out a mirth.

“Exactly, now you know my giggle.”

 “I mean, I’m always skeptical about god’s works and purposes. I’d been warned not to ever question again for i’ll be cursed and here i am desecrating your poppy putting foul odor on it.” 

“I’m sure you have reason for saying that. As mysterious as that lotus flowers which folds its petals to a bulb and submerge deep into the water at night protecting itself from outside and at the break of dawn, it will emerge and slowly open its petals to bloom once again showing its real beauty.” said Kaku winking at her and both smiled in amazement.

“Mysterious indeed that sometimes i don’t know myself. Let’s hope someday I will be able to fill the air with my imaginary concoction of scents so you’ll know what’s into me.” 

“Well, you are starting to think just like me. See the magic in it?” said Kaku.

 “The Queen does the same thing, she anoint herself with particular scent for a particular occasion. She wears mild scent for public appearances. I like the scent she wore to a dinner with the Vizier; it’s very seductive, it’s captivating.” said Aba catching Kaku’s sad eyes that avoided hers. “I’m sorry, did i say something wrong?” she asked though she knew it was his father’s relationship with his mother gone bad that he often compared to a rancid perfume or maybe it was his not being invited to a dinner.

“No, i was thinking it’s like a coded scent, just like what you do for your moods.” said Kaku.

“But i have to grasp the intangible and lock it in my mind and unless i”ll change my favorite flower then you’ll have a hard time decoding my mood of the moment for mine is imaginary so unlike the Queen’s flowers which exudes oils and preserved in a bottle; and she only has to pop it open when she needs one.”

“See, it leaves no room for imagination when you’ve got everything and this leads me and you doing this because the Queen has everything that she no longer enjoy much from it. She’s always in need despite the bounty. I believe mixtures of all these flowers will please her.” assured Kaku.

“I have to ask mother to help us on her spare time without the Queen knowing what we’re up to and this will really challenge my imaginary scent.” said Aba winking to him and he smiled back. I may not like the idea of crushing and grinding these beautiful flowers with my own hands to serve our vanities. I mean they are a beauty in itself.” said Aba watching Kaku extracting the essence of the ground petals from his mortar.

“But you must agree that flowers real beauty also appeals to the nose.” said Kaku pounding the pestle even harder to the mortar. “and if flowers could talk, they’ll thank us for preserving their essence, saving them from withering, immortalizing them in this bottle. I doubt if you like your flowers brown and dry.” finished Kaku.

“You might say it’s pleasing the eye no more when dry, but then again it’s my eyes seeing it amaranthine not withering.”

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