Superpower Love

“O, it’s you, I thought it was……” Said Jane bowing her head and curtsying in reverie.

“Please get up, I wanted to show father my reward, the arrow but I think he left……so, I must be heading back.” Said Thor not realizing he didn’t have with him the arrow. Jane smiled at his lapse of judgement. Obviously, he wanted something else but concealed it with innocent smile.

“Can you show me your arrow my lord? Come inside.” Said Jane naughtily as she opened the door for him. He went inside to see the still wet floor from her milk bath. Petals were scattered on the tub, floor and bed.

“I’m sorry, I was about to clean them up until you came.” Said Jane who was at lost of what to do.

“No, it’s lovely, it would be lovelier if these candles were lit.” He said lighting one after the other.

“Honestly, I left it that way because I wanted to take a bath before the afternoon’s training. Is it okay if I take my bath now?” She said with a still wet hair and tempting him to give in and unleash his desire.

“Uhm, sure carry on and i’ll be here preparing our lunch. What do we have here? He said clearing his throat for it gone croaky and pretended clearing table off of her lunch. He sneaked at Jane’s youthful nakedness.

“So, how are you getting ready for the next tasks?” She Asked who wanted to sound casual despite Thor’s uneasiness. “Can you use the arrow for the next task?” She continue enjoying herself submerged in a warm milk bath.

“We’re not allowed to use magic but Loki insisted that defending the throne and all of Asgard, one must use all resources there is and so father allowed it.”

The conversation between them went well but Jane knew heat built up within Thor evidently from his uneasiness. She too felt not the warmth of the milk but warmth from within her. They then rationalized it was not right and they ended it right there. They both hurried making excuses fro themselves.

“As for you who has to remain in chastity and as for me, i got to go for my acrobatic training. I assumed you must be doing something for the next task.” said Jane changing her robes and hurried out the room.

“I skip lunch, it’s not good to have your stomach full for the acrobatic training.” said Jane, her voice muffled by thick wall between them as she left. She took the whole afternoon training together with other Asgardians smiling and blushing at the awkwardness that transpire in that time together with Thor.

So guys, whatever will happen this Valentine’s day, remember that our beloved super heroes share the same awkwardness we experience over and over again. It’s never about power or any superficiality that you made up that gives one ticket to a date with a girl of your dream. Most of the time love wins under any circumstances……take inspiration from our beloved super heroes who battle not just their enemies but fought for love……for everyone has their fair share in love and in war………

Bruce Wayne & Selina Kyle

World’s greatest detective and a criminal……odds are high that these two ever fall for each other….but they will marry soon…….and just like many of us, their love is a work in progress…….

Logan & Jean Grey

This is just so tragic, no one can really save Grey from her demise, not even Logan’s or Cyclop’s love. Jean Grey being that powerful will spend the rest of her life lonely to say the least. Will she be able to love again? or her ascension to a dark phoenix a detrimental for her to be capable of loving again? We’ll see………

Peter Quill & Gamora

Superheroes usually found someone to love that completes them or complement whatever they lack, say for example Star-Lord is the exact opposite of Gamora. Star-Lord being an all out funny demigod while Gamora takes everything so seriously. Somehow it brings balance because as we all know Superheroes are all predispose to extremes on both end of spectra.

Superman & Wonder Woman

These two are perfect match in all aspects…..They share the same moral value in alignment to that of Justice League’s moral decorum. However, he is every woman’s man so that every Superman movie is not complete without romance. In fact, they can make movies revolving around his romances and nobody complains. Whoever is his current flame is an instant hit and they could make a great love team though SupahWondah love team is super hit.

Lex Luthor & Supergirl

Aragorn & Arwen

Aquaman & Mena

Magneto & Mystique

I thought of them together more as partner in crime than partner in love. I mean, Mystique merely is an accomplice to whatever Magneto is planning at the moment. She is a perfect choice to carry out task that would have been impossible for others. I mean, she’s a shape-shifter. Remember how they easily won over Prof. X’s plan of pacifying mutants? Mystique had a huge part in blocking and setting up Prof. X for failure. On the love part, i doubt Magneto and Mystique really love each other. At first, i believed it when rumors had it that they had daughter together- Rogue. She turned out to be an adopted so that it heightened my suspicion the relationship is strictly professional.

Harley Quinn & Joker

Daredevil & Elektra

Scarlet Witch & Vision

Cyclops & Dark Phoenix

Gambit & Rogue

Perhaps the saddest of them all when it comes to pursuing an intimate relationship is Rogue. Her power being able to absorb that of her partner and render him powerless. Iceman was once romantically involved with Rogue only to go away because she’s defrosting him. You cannot blame the guy. I mean, to be rendered useless is really depressing than just being dumped. Rogue once considered taking the antidote to get rid of her mutations and be pacified to be normal but Love is a power in itself that conquers all until she gain full control of her power and had the chance to share Love to her all time lover Gambit.

For some of our Superheroes they find balance in Love so that they endlessly search for it that it’s common among them to have multiple flings outside the relationship because most of the time it doesn’t work out. Superheroes had to deal with each other’s extreme and it’s a lot of work. Not to mention Superhero is a full time job. Love indeed is powerful that master Yoda has forwarned an apprentice Jedi it could throw off the balance. Let’s face it, not all Superheroes can find balance in Love but they can find that balance in more ways than one.

Thankfully, everyone has Thanos to thank for that fateful finger snap. We all are aware of how Superheroes are predispose to the notion that they are omnipotent being and that finger snap made them all realize how susceptible they are to death. Even Thanos realized he himself is susceptible to death for he bleeds.

Well, i think that no matter how many backstory or Origin they would come out. Our Superheroes tend to forget what they were once they gain that omnipotent power; only death can pacify whatever made them so powerful. So you see, love and death can bring balance so that our Superheroes have the chance for a balance Life.

Now that we know that Superheroes are just like the rest of us, always remember not to mess with them; a Super- Ex can whack that balance.

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