Quantum Stone- Avengers Endgame

To continue with my Avengers Endgame fan fiction theory/ story, I’d like to propose that with Doctor Strange having explored or viewed alternate futures and see 14,000,605 possible outcome of the upcoming conflict in the Infinity War and Tony Stark asked how many ways they could win and Doctor Strange said One.

Blame Doctor Strange for i came up again with another way to defeat Thanos…………

Fulgurites or fulgur were vitrified crystal in sands which gradually evolved into a glass which took form and possess life’s energy. A power of life giving lightning from Thor- god of thunder which simultaneously produced magnitudes of never ceasing fire and on occasion an outburst may occur. A great sign of power; never ceasing fire produced equal amount of heat stored in the atmosphere where its domain could reached and reigned.

Stored heat then was in the atmosphere’s control- the catalyzer of trapped heat and when catalyzer expired it let go off striking everywhere on land as thunderous lightning with its powers matching that of sun; splitting with no distinction what to, where to strike, just like the sun shone blindly across borders.

Earth’s sand is special, its mystical quality was attributed by people who lived for magic or science (as Thor said it’s one and the same in Asgard) In a bizarre way, the sand with miniscule sleeping crystals which witnessed such phenomena would adapt to it and evolved into something else in the Quantum Realm.

Long time ago, goddess earth made the sand special. She casts spell that woke the sleeping crystals in sand to life. Nano-crystals then grew into multitude , took shape beneath the sand. One unprecedented sandstorm unearth crystals which became what you see around for the passage of time. But in the Quantum Realm where time and space is irrelevant, nano crystals became an armor of nanotechnology for all Avengers that was powered by Quantum energy and harnessed all forces from Quantum Realm.

From afar within the Quantum Realm, crystals sparkled like frenzied fishes in the ocean deprived of food. Noticeably from afar even the rising, circling and falling of sand obscured the catch. Wasting no time, Avengers braved the storm, hike the mountainous sand which almost killed them. On the summit, sure enough the catch was waiting they bagged everything they could, harvesting and powering up the suit. Almost done when lightning struck, Avenger’s blood splattered all over. Lightning never stopped as if competing with crystals (as the vitrified gear or suit for Avengers took form) As lightning struck everything, they made the blood sizzled in crystals and it seemed to absorb it down. Lightning vitrified gear or suit then took full potential of nanotechnology harnessing Quantum energy to power and protect the Avengers but then something happened…..a new energy was born……or was it a Stone? a stone formed from crystals? Another Stone born in the Quantum Realm could stand a chance for Thanos’s 6 Infinity Stones. Could be, Why not? I mean, Quantum Realm should have its own Stone. They should make one LOL……..

Another rushed of swirling sands above, they were covered to obscurity. In an instant, they were gone leaving only fragments of billions of colorful, sparkling minerals of irregular forms or the Quantum particles because this is the Quantum Realm so that visually it looked like a fractal projection of reality to you……..

Then the whirlwind came across the sea of sparkles, it accumulated enormous sands then it reached alarmingly to a thousand feet or so, going stronger it then accumulated without distinction, sparkles or the fractal seemed to move freely and easily swept by. They then looked like a gigantic chandelier forever glistening, only moving in a giant swirl. The other seemed to be drawing near the swirl by some force and it gain speed.

The swirl never stopped it seemed to be connecting heaven and Earth but could not contain the weight and it split in two sharing the burden. It happened so fast, the whirlwind subside as if gratified and every sparkle was gone.

The Sky above was peaceful as cottony clouds showed no trace of weather disturbances until a humongous hole open up to a swirl in New York City……from it came out the Avengers in their new Quantum powered suit.

Disclaimer: While the storyline is loosely base on Marvel Cinematic Universe. I created this fan fiction story like every kid would imagine and conjure stories as they play their Merch. So, allow me (or my being a kid ) to explore more scenarios (playing only in my mind) that could happen in the next Avenger film. This means it could digress from storyline that you have read in Comics and may be of totally different storyline from what you have watched in different media. Yes, i created a story to entertain myself and because i cannot wait. (LOL)

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