The Greener Pasteur……is Always on this Side….

Bus going to Al Kharj -77 km. south of Riyadh
Faisaliah Hotel Staff

Film Showing (you can watch it too in videos below)

Mesmerized watching meticulous, stringent and endless process……..

Impressive Stats in 3 minutes……………

Dwarfed By Huge Silos:   This image will give you an idea of how massive the scale of productions here as he stands in stark contrast against huge tanks. This is only one of three central processing plants. Massive
190,000 Holstein cows……..and counting……..

Fleet of Trucks……..amazing numbers

Numbers speak for itself and it stunned me greatly…….And there’s Zero chance of contamination here for even the place where public has access to (Viewing Area) is spic-and-span…..I mean, this is a country where dust is as common as air…….and that’s the only Zero they achieved here but such a feat………

Queue for Buffet but let me take a groufie
Lunch Time

Yes, they served us Al Marai foods which were deliciously prepared……..their Ready to Cook Chicken are everyone’s favorite……..and a huge part of my meals for 12 years here in KSA.

Curious to know where our foods came from? Watch videos below………

Corporate Give Away

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A Visit to Milky Way



  1. Grace Esedeke

    I would give anything to visit a place like this. I am a food scientist and trying to start a company that processes and packages gluten-free and sugar-free snacks in my country. And so I would give anything to get into the premises of an established firm.

    I’m sure you had a nice time getting to know where your food is made.


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