The Making Of Super Skrulls- Avengers Endgame

An ichor was believed to break spell, reverse curse and exterminate all things that Ebony Maw conjured including the Black Order’s ashes to the concocted ichor. A lot of assumptions came out about this ichor that the Avengers hyped up they called an “absolute ichor” that the Black Order tampered with it.

On the other hand, Ebony Maw was celebrating upon Skrull’s possesions of their flesh, for on those nights when the flesh was left unguarded, Ebony Maw administered the Black Order’s (Children of Thanos) ashes freely on the lifeless flesh.

Thanos claimed to be the god of alchemy, the god of transmutation. Black Order’s ashes on the concocted ichor was the beginning of Skrull’s downfall for it will work against whatever the Avengers had cooked up and they seemed unaware this blocked them out of reach even the fingertips of the divine, thus transmuting them to become an ally against the Avengers. There was a scruple when one Skrull posed threat of destruction to both sides; the Avengers and the Black Order as tremendous confusion loomed on him as he possessed both the Order’s destructive power and the Avenger’s power.


One Skrull seemed to find peace being an ambivalent god as both the Avengers and the Black Order kept off him, but this lasts for a while as one Skrull realized he was slowly degrading, losing his supernatural power that he supposed he can have forever. Indeed, you can never be both of Avengers or of the Order. The very realization of this occurred when one went on living after possessing his regenerated body which at first to him was like living in immortality that was of easy reach while everyone on Earth lived out their entire life preparing for the afterlife’s eternal living on the Realm. Not at all of easy reach as the ichor slowly darkened by Ebony Maw’s ashes deteriorating ichor’s power; destroying its divine properties like virus and bacteria killing the defense or antibodies of human body. When the ashes completely dissolved into the ichor it became indigo, but this took long time as the ichor struggled against the ashes that explained Skrull’s ambivalent state. The ashes transmutation on the ichor starts only upon injecting on Skrull’s vein. Even though the new concoction had long been mixed, it remained stagnant and rendered inactive. It was the regenerated body regulated the flow and the interference of the soul to the body made it worked fully. Then blue blood circulated to Skrull’s body and the alchemist god called it to be of Kree though they cannot really be the downfall of Skrulls for they still have left the signature Skrull DNA running through their blood. This also does not mean that the Order succeeded because the Skrull didn’t possess solely the Black Order’s ashes or the Avenger’s ichor. The harnessed energy from the Quantum Realm added to the concoction nullify both claimants though they are programmed to be of Avengers.


Skrulls were amused to how human were leading their mortal life on Earth calling it a place for stranded, undecided soul. Skrull’s life now has to weigh carefully the Black Order’s path and the Avenger’s path and were warned not to get caught undecided for the Order might snatched them forcibly as they are notoriously known for.


Skrulls are warriors and that they would endure tribulations in many form and to die many times to solved the mystery and bring balance to the Universe since their quest for supremacy are over. But once a warrior will always be a warrior and that they will fight to the very end for a new cause; to bring balance. Both the Black Order and the Avengers on their part did fail in bringing the balance and it seemed to be heading to chaos, to destruction. To total annihilation.

Thanos believed being on absolute power could bring balance and command new order throughout the Universe. This is supported by his creating – destroying – transmuting power. The Titan wielding an Infinity Stone. All these conveyed strong message to anyone on Earth who witnessed the three- phase of existence – Creation, Death or Destruction and Transmutation or Resurrection. Anyone who witnessed Thanos’s macrocosm creation-the Black Order and those who encounter Black Order’s (Children of Thanos) wrath and the cataclysmic finger snap will easily believed Thanos has the Universe in his hands.

Until we see what the Avengers are up to…………..

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Disclaimer: While the storyline is loosely base on Marvel Cinematic Universe. I created this fan fiction story like every kid would imagine and conjure stories as they play their Merch. So, allow me (or my being a kid ) to explore more scenarios (playing only in my mind) that could happen in the next Avenger film. This means it could digress from storyline that you have read in Comics and may be of totally different storyline from what you have watched in different media. Yes, i created a story to entertain myself and because i cannot wait. (LOL)

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  1. Crinkle Hub

    I am very excited to watch Avengers: End game from the moment I left the theater last year. Hope it will break all the records. Thanks for sharing your views.


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