Super-Skrulls Save the Day / Avengers Endgame

To continue with my Avengers Endgame fan fiction theory/ story, I’d like to propose that with Doctor Strange having explored or viewed alternate futures and see 14,000,605 possible outcome of the upcoming conflict in the Infinity War and Tony Stark asked how many ways they could win and Doctor Strange said One.

So, i propose this one way…..

It starts with Doctor Strange, a Master of Mystic Arts conjuring magic from multi dimensional sources and bring dead Skrulls to life. Then, Ant Man, Captain Marvel and Doctor Strange having been to the Quantum Realm walk Tony Stark through it and learned harnessing Quantum energy and discover other technology they could use to defeat Thanos. I mean, time and space is irrelevant in Quantum Realm. So, there are endless possibilities for Tony Stark developing technology depending on what is that One Way they will take because there would be various pre requisites requiring everyone’s involvement leading to that “One Way”.

So from here, I’ll jump to that “One Way”

Using Stark’s BARF Technology, or presumably an upgraded version which could do more, thanks to a trip to Quantum Realm; they could go back to that specific time while the conflict is unfolding to endure those recurring losses…..please take note of “Recurring” because no matter how you go back in time what happened will happen again as it happened before. You cannot mess with time. Even if you visit your memory of losing someone, you still lose them and endure the pain. But “Endure” is an option with sacrifices to make whenever you decide to go back. So that when Avengers decided to go back they bring with them sacrifices in the form of Skrulls. Super- Skrulls.

Please refer to my post here when the Avengers first resurrect dead Skrulls and turned them into Super Skrulls

Back to a time when a portal was open and all Hell broke loose. I have not watch the Infinity War but i saw the decimation. Yes, watching superheroes turned to dust is painful that i said i will watch this whole when I’m ready. I mean, they’re super heroes…..what you’re expecting me to feel as human? All hope just evaporated in me then, but now that i devised this alternative; i think I’m ready to watch it. To minimize casualties that cataclysmic finger snap caused, they have to ask help from mercenaries in the form of Super Skrulls as a sacrifice. Super Skrulls are shape shifters that they take the form of a certain superheroes and possess all powers whoever they pose as and fight Thanos. So, replay that ill-fated day while real Avengers and Allies and those who fought alongside against Thanos will just watch on the sideline as their pseudo-self (Super-Skrulls) perish and vanish and they can only be ever grateful to the sacrifices they made to restore balance in the Universe.

black widow

As with Thanos, i think he’s done with his mission and finally found a Stone that has been missing and look throughout the Universe only to find it in himself. He’s found the holy grail as he found himself to be mortal and find that peace in his home Titan. That Universal Wisdom of finding beauty within ourselves.

Black Panther

As for Super- Skrulls, i think Avengers still sought their help and revisit that Battle in New York for i think there’s more to fix in that though Avengers came out victorious in that battle but when the portal is open and all Hell broke loose there’s really more to fix and besides i sense some things in the Shawarma end credit scene. There’s something more to it. I mean, that’s not the proper reaction when you eat a Shawarma. Could they be just waiting as they appear to be not anyone of them talking while Super-Skrulls or their pseudo Super- Skrulls are in the battlefield undoing some things.

So that they could do all things that they ever wished. Think of them having a holiday. Our super heroes deserved a holiday. Perhaps so that Tony Stark can sing or dance again. LOL

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Disclaimer: While the storyline is loosely base on Marvel Cinematic Universe. I created this fan fiction story like every kid would imagine and conjure stories as they play their Merch. So, allow me (or my being a kid ) to explore more scenarios (playing only in my mind) that could happen in the next Avenger film. This means it could digress from storyline that you have read in Comics and may be of totally different storyline from what you have watched in different media. Yes, i created a story to entertain myself and because i cannot wait. (LOL)

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  1. Neil Alvin Nicerio

    I love reading your theories. I gives a different take on how the stories might go. No offense to the writers but sometimes your ideas are better than what comes out.


  2. latoyia12

    I just love how the superhero stories can go on and on.. Especially when you think the main characters are dead but that doesn’t stop a thing. Love your theory, btw!


  3. Nina

    I was so brokenhearted when I watched the last Avengers and so disappointed how it turned out. Gone are the days when watching super hero movies are meant to make you feel good. I love your view on this!


  4. Elizabeth O

    Even though the subject matter is on a genre I don’t often engage in, you’ve kept up the development of your characters and stayed true to your storyline. Keep it up.


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