Avengers EndGame- Guardians of the Galaxy

Meanwhile, the same supernova sent off a severed head known as Knowhere. Celestials rushed doing what they could to salvaged the ancient severed head. Star Lord knew Ego did cover some of Knowhere’s surface by deep seas filled with flora and fauna creatures, most died and some survived which became denizens of adapted habitat. He remember it so well how Ego’s trial and error creation scheme lost his mind and killed him. But thanks he got that Ego’s signature that he survived. This alone raised a conundrum that Celestials are indomitable though survival of their creation / offspring solely depends if they possess divine signature. Some Celestial like Ego exploits the opportunity to undo damaged by the cataclysmic supernova.

As Star Lord wander around Knowhere he found huge sparkling rocks presumably from another planet as it possess unique signature not commonly found here. Undoubtedly a Celestial being buried those rocks deep down the land that he found its end on caves as of stalactites. He remember so well how Ego told him of his underworld’s reliability to cradle life if time comes survival above is unstable.

He found out Ego’s lair on an abysmal hollow below rendering his mastery on regeneration, resurrection, reincarnation on all entities living above. Regenerating dead bodies buried on the ground, an ant-like creatures carried the corpse by eating them slowly. In time, thousands of ant-like creatures passed through subterranean tunnels to reached the hollow. On the roof of the cave grew roots where thousands of ant-like creatures deposited the eaten corpse forming anthill mid air. Looking above, Star Lord found it to be network of roots with nest like anthill spread hanging across the hollow.

With roots attached to the anthill was the source of life giving oxygen and nourishing water. Gradually, anthill transformed into a limp flesh still clinging to roots which then sieved its way inside the flesh giving it a sturdy frame as the skeleton left miles above. These were transported by hanging roots to be laid on pointed crystals below as of a stalagmite which has a regenerative properties and roots of trees cut its connection allowing the skeleton to grow. Way back up above, roots attended religiously to an endless process of recreation; and below, flesh on crystals regenerating different organs to an evolved humanoid.

“And finally, your father will work his magic and wake them up and decide if he wanted to keep them or kill them. Just like you a product of an elaborate scheme. If Ego only thought of finding Infinity Stones, then building an army of offspring would be the last resort. He is sitting in a minefield.” said Gamora

“What the f*kc, you’ve been stalking me?” said Star Lord

“I know where to find you, one stalks if they don’t know where you’re heading to.” said Gamora. “Perhaps we should be hunting our ally and be reunited. Time Stone had all us drifted in warped Time-Space.


Disclaimer: While the storyline is loosely base on Marvel Cinematic Universe. I created this fan fiction story like every kid would imagine and conjure stories as they play their Merch. So, allow me (or my being a kid ) to explore more scenarios (playing only in my mind) that could happen in the next Avenger film. This means it could digress from storyline that you have read in Comics and may be of totally different storyline from what you have watched in different media. Yes, i created a story to entertain myself and because i cannot wait. (LOL)

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