Moneruuum- King Baktu’s Planet


Now that we explored that Star Wars possibility, comes moment of truth. It’s highly likely that Guardians of the Galaxy will team up with The Avengers fighting against Thanos in an Epic Cosmic Endgame with Doctor Strange tweaking the Time Stone.

But the fan in me can’t let go of the Iron Man that i created planets he could have been into… Star Wars universe (LOL)

King Baktu, leader of Monerans. This unicellular humanoid is transparent with its electrons frantically sparking, receiving perceptics from their hands, sending it to different parts of their electron connected body that they sparkle from afar where Tony Stark had been hiding. Their kind survive largely for their ability to replicate to an identical Moneran at specific age of mitosis that came sooner. The humid temperature gave the Kingdom an eternal misty air and marshy land, which laid suitably well as their habitat. Moneran’s population rose wildly and is expected to fill most of Moneruuum. This problem led Baktu to a deal with Emperor Palpatine aiding them another place for dead Monerans. Regardless of the dense population, Baktu solicited opinions to none of Monerans, for everyone was himself; the forefather of all Monerans. Immune from dying and had gone to mitosis once. This set the forefather Baktu apart thus making himself the King.

Emperor Palpatine

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