Where is Tony Stark?

After watching Avengers Endgame trailer i was like where could he be in a vast galaxy? Being lost in space with zero promise of rescue could be an endgame where 50% of living creatures in universe were wiped out, i still would like to think of it as a stalemate…nobody wins yet…Well, in this case i believe in numbers rather than power or conviction…You have to believe every possibility and one can only hope (conviction)…..Well, for now that could be Tony Stark’s end all be all…Remember, it is an endgame when you really see an endgame….as Captain America said when asked by Black Widow if it’s going to work “i know it is cause i don’t know what I’m gonna do if it doesn’t” …the one who really plan ahead and analyze the outcome properly in his favor will surely win…although the winner takes it all…whatever the outcome…. still it could be good for all.

Lost in Space

As you can see, I just refuse for Tony Stark to just drift in space aimlessly. So, i created a fan fiction theory/story where an alien entity picked up his signal from a galaxy far far away. Enter Star Wars inter galactic universe……I know, Guardians of the Galaxy (Star Lord) (Marvel’s property) is good if not an obvious choice that would pick up Stark’s signal but Universe is expanding as we all know. So let’s be open to possibilities of Star Wars (Sith Lord) or anyone of them picking up Stark’s signal. I actually don’t know how it would fit in the story. It’s kind of whack. Well, it’s just me being a fan insisting that Stark would join the Empire.

Since Disney owns Marvel and Lucas’s Star Wars. Why not? I don’t know much about the proprietary of the acquisition or the extent of intellectual property rights covered so i will not go into that. Besides, it’s months away to go for Avengers 4 so it’s too late for Stark to join the Empire. Let them consider the inclusion for the future. I only care about Tony Stark. (LOL) You can’t just let the Iron Man vanish. Well, NASA stepped in on how to rescue Stark. But they really don’t have to do that. Leave it to those talented sci fi writers. They could come up with so many possibilities. There should be Earth’s representation in the intergalactic Star Wars and that is Tony Stark, the Iron Man. I mean, he’s a human donning droid- Droidan? Where else could he suit very well? In a universe inhabited by androids. Though if that happens, he will be crossing many boundaries, not just inter galactic boundaries but with franchise issues with intellectual property rights and other proprietary issues. Imagine, your Merch to be the first casualty……

Now that we explored that Star Wars possibility, comes moment of truth. It’s highly likely that Guardians of the Galaxy will team up with The Avengers fighting against Thanos in an Epic Cosmic Endgame.

But the fan in me can’t let go of the Iron Man that i created planets he could have been into…..

I would like to send him Shawarma

Galaxy Borders of Three Star System: Mantopolis, Necropolis and Heliopolis

The Sith Lord reigned in Necropolis’s biggest planet Ore-co thousands of miles away next to Heliopolis or the solar system. Ore-co’s round, infinitely glowing hot metalloid had a magnetic force that over million years passed it attracted most of metals large and small; having opposite polarity toward itself, leaving non-metal planets rotating undisturbed. The once scattering bounty of non-conducting metals across Necropolis were swept magnetized covering the once bright Ore-co. Some spots were left uncovered it formed a crater like opening where enormous amount of heat still surged.

From a great far Mantopolis, Ore-co was seen dominantly metal crust covered. A completion of thousand years revolution, a magnetic alloyed planet Capulari of Mantopolis orbited near Necropolis, getting close to its pseudo-planet Ore-co. These two planets shared same characteristics. Both were round, metallic and magnetic. Both appeared to have same surface but beneath the metal crust was a bright Ore-co unlike dim, hard and cold Capulari. Though sometimes, being odd is a blessing and being even is a curse.

As Capulari fast orbiting Ore-co which also orbited on its own axis passing the galaxy borders of Mantopolis and Heliopolis; the two seemed to be gaining speed coming close to each other from opposite directions. Without their own axis and the galaxy border, they will inevitably collide but an Ore-con axis was on considerable distance far from a galaxy border as well as Capularian axis.This ensured harmonious thousand year Capularian revolution.

Few hundred miles fast revolving toward Ore-co, Capulari could make out red rays beaming out of holes or craters from all over Ore-co. It was a magnificent planet giving lights to those around it. As rotation and revolution got faster, thousand year countdown time got shorter to its completion. Capulari had its smooth orbiting way back hundred years enduring galaxy constant changes and this millennial revolution it will align with Ore-co along the way.

As revolution speed accelerated at its highest, the time shortened and space lessened. Magnetic pull of both planets justified such phenomenon.

More rotations and Capulari got full view of Ore-co. Brighter than it was miles away and built up heat that Capulari felt it.

Then Capulari slipped revolving as if oil spilt on its axis which increased surface tension giving it a friction free slide that led close to Ore-co, magnified it nth times so huge that seemed to block the way. Planetary proximity this close occurred; two galaxy bodies met at each other’s atmosphere and passing by faster just the way they did come. However, Capulari’s journey was no excuse to galaxy’s constant changes that it had many times encountered. Each encounter is subject to changes, be it major or minor, though the meeting itself is a phenomenon.

Near the meeting point, Capulari strangely slowed down as if it passed the oil spill, which in its absence, surface tension decreased and made the axis rough; high friction giving Capulari hard time to revolve and it stopped. Same with Ore-co, it revolve slowly it barely moved. From Capulari’s point, holes of Ore-co kept changing places and grew in number, this palpably denoted motion. Ore-co was still rotating.

In a serene manner, two planets now at still almost facing pole to pole examining each other,trying to figure out what strategy would be best like two warriors on a duel facing elbow to elbow studying each other’s way of anticipated attack. Like in most duels, warriors were paired to their equal. Ore-co and Capulari could be a best match.

Then as if on cue, two moved swiftly toward each other. Ore-co’s cover, those metals it accumulated been swept perturbed away. It was the work of Capularian magnet leaving Ore-co now fully stripped of metals. It glowed a molten hot slowly dripping on surface which created sparks upon rotating and revolving on its axis. Then both surprisingly stopped and Ore-co exploded sending its fourth part away. Capulari being denser than Ore-co remained whole, dim, hard and cold planet completing its revolution.

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  1. BohoVoyage

    I like your theory about Star Wars coming into the picture and both of them combining somehow. This is incredibly knowledgeable for all fans. And thank you for sharing the trailer as I had not seen it yet! I am really excited to know what’s going to happen next!


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