Seven Seas


Disclaimer: Inspired by Aquaman’s world, (obviously a fan here); i created an original story surrounding the same milieu of underwater world and beyond. Enjoy…….

On a fortified island was a lake in its center; from here fleet of gigantic compounded eye insects afloat from underwater and disembarked its passengers from the cloud-cuckoo land realm.

Lana was relieved to land after a whirlwind ride that loses her track of Tubi. She looked at everyone disembarking who happily reunited with their friends and families. She would look around and half expecting one of the newly arrived gigantic ride was carrying Tubi but none until there was no more rides coming.

Black Manta

She was preoccupied with thoughts of Tubi that she almost didn’t notice the high turret erected at the center of the lake. It was transparent where she then saw frenzy of hundreds trapped soul trying to escape. she feared the inevitable that Tubi had been there. Turrets of soul was said to be for the uncleared. A prison made for them until they are willing to free themselves of dregs. Lana’s thought was interrupted by a summon of people near her. She was the only one left at the bank. She hesitated leaving for Tubi was not there with her. She then saw everyone heading for a fortification around the island. It was as if everyone was freed at last from a long time of being caged but it seemed to her that those people who had gone ahead of her been confined to another prison as they disappeared on the wall. A dark realization loomed on her that she would never see Tubi again as she herself seemed to be trap in an inescapable prison as of purgatory. Nevertheless, she ran toward the wall hoping she’ll be free and on occasion would looked back to turrets of soul hoping Tubi would appear or float aboard the unexpected ride but no Tubi or any other until she faced a moving mural on wall.

People on mural were busy shape shifting to the image that of the person to their front while a plume appeared on Lana’s hand though she’s a soul it felt real as plume had gone beneath her. It’s like she was pinched by the point of plume as it scribbled the passage and as they were done reading it gone beneath her. When the mural completed imitating Lana’s image, it stood with its feet facing front and its hands were raised facing the left side with palms open for perfect profiling. Caught unready by an unseen force or something snatched her soul toward the image. Her soul embodied the image that had then walked out of the wall to the other side.

On the shore were hundreds or so boats the shape of a camel waiting for them to come aboard. Lana looked back but she could no longer see turrets of soul or the bank of the lake and walls were sealed but she noticed clouds within the island gone dark. It was gloomy that she then desired to go home and see the majestic sun. People around her wished to go to the horizon and be on other places of the Earth where everything is as it should be. Not one of them wished to stay here in this twisted utopia. It was a perfect, highly advanced civilization. It was said that a magic of unknown source so powerful brought this catastrophe; or that another equally powerful magic influence the other to cause it to affect the reality and defy all logic ( well, magic does not follow logic) so that spells and curses and powerful magic flying at a high rate so that event horizon is at every corner causing disruption of such magnitude it brought down civilization and that you wished you never lived to know Earth and die only to find yourself in this twisted utopia.

Inside turret of soul was a struggle, The Queen, and her cohort of servants were among the uncleared who desperately tried escaping but to no resort. Some had gone resting to the bottom giving up their chance to freedom until nimbus clouds, hard as steel sieved through to turrets of soul.

Half of prisoners were terrified and half of them were gratified. They knew it was their chance to escape but for a prize. They knew very well that nimbus clouds were of devil’s manifestation. the devil clearly wanted to save them and be his ally. All they have to do is to ride a nimbus cloud and as you go along, your soul accumulates ashes that would embody your soul for an escape. For most of them, it was a difficult decision to make but for the Queen, it was a bargain. She was the first one to ride the passing cloud and submissively let her soul accumulate ash as much as she can in the name of freedom. She knew very well that upon submission; the devil will call her as his own. She didn’t mind for all she knew she still had the free will.

Meanwhile, Tubi’s soul was found neither in the turret of soul nor in the island. He was summoned to the Apex by the Council of the Most High. The Council performed a ritual to conjure an ankh from Tubi’s flesh on his death bed in the dungeons of elementa palace using his soul despite being uncleared of human dregs. The ritual was to ensure Tubi’s survival and soon enough his body been rejuvenated to become a mortal flesh. His soul then was sent to the dungeons of elementa palace.


On her own, Lana wandered around the Valley of Kings. Thousands of years ago since the last time she was here, too much had changed. It’s now under water.

One night, Lana stealthily followed a man sneaking out from one of the camping site. The man headed to her tomb in the pyramid. She wondered where he’d go for there was no excavation around but she was surprised that the man knew the secret passage to the un-robbed pyramid of all the Valley of the Kings. The man pushed one mastaba which triggered the other to loosen up and open wide to stairs up. She followed the man just before the mastaba sealed the entrance. The man didn’t show any fear upon being shut. Palpably, this man knew of the legend of the inverted diamond sitting atop the apex of the pyramid. She followed still until the man’s stomping stopped. He reached the dead end. A man then masterfully rummaged for a mastaba on the wall and it opened up for a stair toward the apex. Despite the darkness, gems on walls coruscated but the man didn’t mind it. The inverted diamond was of paramount to him. Lana stopped for something weirder happened. Gems were not coruscating but moving and were then crawling on stairs. She realized that those scarab beetles were coming after the man. They swarmed from all over walls and it was too late for a man to run for these scarab beetles were quick consuming his flesh until he was all bones. It was like they were deprived for so long that they even reached beneath the bones and eventually become part of the bone as they protrude all over. Then a vine crawled out of the apex and cuffed all limbs of man just as the light flashed from the apex which made the bone to streak blindingly so powerful that Lana crouched. It was pure light that the source was neither the sun nor the diamond. She never knew except for the fact that the man become the legend of the treasure dweller.

On the next day, She visited dungeons of elementa palace and meet Tubi there. They were thrilled seeing each other again and agreed on visiting other tombs together.


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Disclaimer: Inspired by Aquaman’s world, (obviously a fan here); i created an original story surrounding the same milieu of underwater world and beyond. Enjoy…….



  1. Sanjota Purohit

    Loved the way you started this story inspired by Aquaman. Would be interested to read more about Lana & Tubi. I know there will be many twists and turns in the story to make it more interesting 🙂 you have excellent writing skills. Keep it up.


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