Aqua and Beyond

Disclaimer: Inspired by Aquaman’s world, (obviously a fan here); i created an original story surrounding the same milieu of underwater world and beyond. Enjoy…….

A slender, segmented upper part of the body; tapering lower part which looked more of a tail than a feet. It had hirsute arms and a pair of powerful wings which endlessly showering stardust even if it’s at rest. It’s head was more like of an insect than a man. It seemed harmful if not for an ankh worn on its neck.

“I come to you in peace, I’m the moth man. I was sent to guide you on your way to tidy off of your soul’s dregs. Come!!!!Follow me!!!!All of you!!!!” said the moth man with the chirping sound in between words that made his message almost unintelligible to an untrained ears as it ascent and gesture them to follow. Its voice still ringing in the air as souls followed silently.

It was a journey that almost took forever but it was nothing for souls if it means going home or the promise of immortality.

Nearing the cloud – cuckoo land realm situated neverwhere, the moth man has signaled them to stop and ordered them to fall in line. Awed by the golden gated white cottony cloud of walls, none of them spoke. Everyone was eager to go ahead first to get to stairs. Tubi was fifth in front. Looking down to a long queue of hallowness was equally dizzying looking up to a foggy, zigzagged stairs. The moth was busy going to and fro that all showered on its stardust. The first One thousand three hundred sixty one may occupy the steps.” said the moth man who stop at the last of its head counting. First group of souls happily glide and in no time, they were on their respective plight while the rest of the soul were left at a distance with the moth man attending to them.

“This will take time and i know a tired soul that you are needs to rest. Now, think of how you can make yourself comfortable.” said the moth man excited of how it will go.

Go on, just think and all your burden will be cast away.” urged the moth man as none of them respond.

“It won’t be fine if you’re going to wait standing and suspended in the air before your turn at the gate. Come on, seize your dream for only this place allow it to happen.” said the moth man ever wondrous of the unexpected things to happen as one soul lifted out of line. This only means one soul had gone living her dream- Lana’s dream.

Lana was sent to a bed of poppies floating on a river where she was cuddled by its stem. Petals were eternally falling to her. Air was sweet as she neared the confluence of river where chocolate and honey met. She took a dip from each and enjoyed the taste enormously but the artesian well at the conflux distracted her. She got up from bed and peek to the well just in time it erupted fire. She was thrown back forcibly and before she know it she was back to the long queue of line.

“Just as i had expected, you’ll be distracted by your fear because you are not cleared. Train yourself to get rid of these dregs in your soul. Now go back to rest and remember what i said and everything will be fine.” said the moth man glad at the fruition of his encouragement.

Just as Lana got back to living her dream; she found the Queen sent to the bottom of the Earth and had been flying on her wings as she joyfully caught stalactites of gold melting from the heat of the Earth’s core. She laughed hilariously when she’s unable to catch at midpoint when the ore of gold froze and hardened and upon passing at midpoint, the gold melt again and landed to a river of gold forever flowing back to Earth’s core. She deposited gold from her full basin to the golden boat moored on a stalagmite. She decided to sail to the other pit where diamonds were abundant. The dream world was so designed to suit her penchant for challenge and thirst for wealth and power. Only wealth and power can make her comfortable but just like the other unclear, she was constantly distracted by smell of methane and a small crater which from time to time burst fire. The moth man was amazed at how these souls lived their physical life, though the moth man was more pleased to those souls who’d wish immortality. Wishing for immortality just like the King endlessly praying for is more admirable and worthy to face the Most High. He lived and died building to honor the Most High.

Tubi was clueless as they waited for the gate to open or to be called in. None of them bothered to ask each other for they all obviously looked no idea what’s inside. What to do? Though they knew what they were here for- to be cleared.

Tubi touched the white cottony cloud of walls. It’s hard like stone blocks, impenetrable. Then the one next to his line brandished his hands to clouds and it parted away like fogs would. The one woman scooped her hands to it and she smeared what looked like suds all over her body.

“Our thinking, vision, imagination manipulated things we see here.” said the one woman blowing suds all over the place. She was watching suds touched stairs. Everyone panicked at what she might be thinking.

“Don’t even think about it or we will all fall to loose stairs.” said the man.

“No, it will not manifests in everyone’s reality. Whatever your thoughts will only greatly affect your own reality.”

“But i saw her blowing suds all over the place.”

“It’s because she influence your reality and you allow it to. For instance, i chose her to be blowing kisses on me instead of suds; and that my friend is my reality alone and nobody else’s. Another one thought it was an adamantine wall, for him alone it was adamantine.” said one woman in defense.

Then everyone’s attention focused on the spectacular sight of moth man who came flying from far end. Shimmering stardust falling from their wings whimsically lighted their way. Fog which obscured what’s beyond the gate parted and cleared away from their strong flapping so that when all hundreds moth man landed, these souls clearly saw doors endlessly lined the right side of gate. On its left were hundreds or so cascading waters facing doors across. Each cascading waters had mound of sand on its foot. Moth men formed a single line to the center reaching the gate up to the far end. The golden gate opened and moth men clapped their hands welcoming them. The first moth man on line approached the first soul in line who was hesitant to go so that the one next to him whispered that hundreds other were stranded below and that they would like to die again just to be the first although it is never about who got to die and be here first; it’s about how you lived.

Then he lent his ear to every word the assigned moth man said and willingly reached for its hand ready to be guided. The moth man was glad to have flown along with the submissive soul. The first soul was thrilled to find cartouche above the door forever scribbling until they found his name. The moth man didn’t allow him to go as he tried leading toward his door. the moth man instead ushered him to the cascading water opposite his door. the moth man let him stand on the sand facing the cascading water.

The water reflected the wispy hallow which occasionally danced for the water broke from strong wind brought by the flapping of wings as there were more moth men and soul happily gliding looking for the right name on cartouche.

The first soul felt strange standing on sand, he felt heavy as his feet sunk. Truly, he was surprised to see sand slowly embodied by his soul. He tried lifting his feet and there was footprint. He wiggled his toes as the sand slowly embodying him up. He felt his joint on knees aching, his thigh muscles tired, his loin tickles, chest tightening, throat parched, and his brain spinning. Looking through the reflection on cascading water, he once again admire his image.

“Your flesh will help you get back to your past and through it will you able to clear your soul of dregs. Emotional pains that forever haunt your soul. These pains made you feel morose and will block your potential to be a happy soul. A dejected soul will never make a sound mind and an unstable mind will make your flesh ill. Pain begets pain. What you have to do is deal with it. Forgiveness is the key. Now go on, as you open your door, face the pain bravely once again for it’s the only way to get rid of it and live with a happy soul.” said the moth man as it let go of him. “Please value this one chance we are giving you. Try hard to be cleared at once, for if you fail to get rid of your dregs, you’ll be trap to the turrets of soul. And lastly, be truthful.” said the moth man saying goodbye as he opened the door. He looked back seeing the moth man flying back to line as it came across with fellow moth man guiding Tubi’s soul. It revered bowing to Tubi.

Black Manta

“Everyone seems to know you but not your secrets of course. What’s beyond that door is for you and for you alone.” said the assigned moth man to Tubi as he finally let go of him and briefly oriented him in the same manner the first soul had been instructed. Tubi opened his door and was disoriented to find a gigantic praying mantis. It seemed to position itself for an anticipated attack of its predator. Tubi stayed in the corner for the praying mantis occupied almost half of the room which he thought was gawking at him. If it was to attack, the prey will die in less than an hour but it remained still.

‘What the praying mantis had to do with my past and my emotions?’ thought Tubi but no idea occurred to him that he finally decided to provoke this outlandish insect. Just as he was about to step forward, the mantis’s eyes flashed a tolerable light which flooded the room. Then a whooping sound followed as if energy had surge. Gigantic mantis’s eyes were divided into squares- an insect’s compound eye which then showed numerous account of Tubi’s life from childhood to adulthood until he died.

On phantasmagory , Tubi recognized some images captured. Other scenes were less painful that Tubi forgotten. It spun cyclorama that eventually vanished and made most squares in compound eye blank. These means dregs had been lifted little by little as he forgive those involved in the drama he never thought could cause him illness. Forgive and forget.

Tubi slumped back sitting in the corner as if strength evaporated from him. He got a hard time dealing with phantasmagory blown up into one huge square as if a compound eye become single. He immediately recognized two captured images but it flicked forever from one scene after the other for he can’t deal with the fresh pain. He couldn’t bare taking a look but realized the pain won’t go away unless he decides to face it. Then the one scene of the two he avoided the most played on before him. He was carrying a vessel and entered the Queen’s room. He declared his presence as no one responded. Lana was not around and he found the Queen lying on a divan. She neither appreciated Tubi’s presence nor his present. Tubi couldn’t come up with any reason why she’s upset on her birthday. So, he’d break the silence and offered her a precious gift. Just as he handed her the vessel, the Queen grabbed it and forcibly throw it on the floor. The vessel was uncorked and spilt the perfume so that the carpet forever smells the opulent bouquet of flowers and essential oils. Tubi ran for it and corked it back.

“Could you knock the door? Imbecile!!!!” bellowed the Queen sending him out as she pointed the door. Tubi hurriedly left the room embracing the vessel. He closed his eyes and was back to the praying mantis’s room. Then it started playing again from the beginning. It won’t stop playing even with his eyes closed. The pain won’t go away that he bit his lips. The he opened his eyes and held his head up high, breathing hard. He pitied himself and cried in dejection. It broke his heart that tears flowed. Then the huge square miraculously turned blank just as the tightening of his chest were gone. He took a rest as another big drama of his life played on.

It was sand storming but the King and Tubi were at the lotus pond. The King seemed disappointed at Tubi’s deteriorating survival skills. He almost drowned collecting arrows the King scattered below the pond. The young Tubi by then gathered two of the ten arrows and that he almost die resurfacing the water. He asked for King’s help to get to the pathway only to be ignored. He let Tubi continue catching fish using arrow and poor Tubi, chilling and bathe in dirt unfortunately unable to catch any. This enrages the King.


“I doubt your being a demi god, you possessed none of the characteristics one demigod should have. I don’t understand why the Council of gods trusted you so much.” said the King in gritted teeth as if it could grind the arrow. ” You can’t even save yourself!!!!” bellowed the King and left Tubi feeling worthless and drowned himself to a feeling of dejection just as always the case every time the King deserted him. he slept at the pathway feeling dispirited and unwanted. He couldn’t please the King. Without his idea, the King came back with a whip from the chariot.

“Get up, get up!!! commanded the King. Tubi unable to recognized the whip for horses that he didn’t run away as it landed his arms dodging it. The next whip landed his back as he tried to cover his face was equally painful to the insult he earned from the King. He cried for help but the world seemed so cruel. The palace’s guard were so silent of the King’s behavior. Tubi fell back to the ground. The King came and lifted him back to the palace. He heard the King talking about his act of compassion that he was showing him harsh realities of the world. Tubi didn’t believe his every word just as he lost consciousness. Then same scene played again before him. Tubi didn’t realized the King made him ill. His being unwell was caused by King’s aberration.

‘If only the King witnessed my winning over those tasks, he would never have treated me that way. ‘ thought Tubi imagining the King to be proud of him but nothing can be done of the past. Tubi made himself believe the King is now and ever proud of him having won those tasks.He tried to understand how important it was for the King to have an heir worthy of the throne. He held his head up high and cried forgiveness despite the emptiness of his so called success over those tasks for he was still deprived of the throne.It was an empty achievement. Then his tears flowed and huge screen went blank.

He felt a bit weary that he was caught unready as every square of tiles on the floor disappeared together with the ceiling and walls. The praying mantis had fallen to the abysmal dark pit. Tubi was left hopping from tiles to tiles until there was only one remained which then fell together with him. It was an endless darkness but Tubi didn’t stop from wiggling his arms and legs hoping it to touch any object to hold onto. He got tired but nothing, so he stopped wiggling and remained still. ‘If i could only ride the praying mantis, it would be much fun.’ thought Tubi. In disbelief, he saw a glimpse of praying mantis far below him.

“Hey!!!in here!!!Wait for me!!!” bellowed Tubi realizing he was still on cloud -cuckoo land realm. A realm where an imagination gets real. He happily rode the back of praying mantis and commanded it to bring him back home. In a snap, the darkness turned to blue water where the mantis dove together with Tubi. They swam to the deepest and soared up high to where sunlight penetrated deep the water. Tubi and the mantis resurfaced to a lake where other outlandish sea creatures roam freely.

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Disclaimer: Inspired by Aquaman’s world, (obviously a fan here); i created an original story surrounding the same milieu of underwater world and beyond. Enjoy…….



  1. Neil Alvin Nicerio

    Sadly, I’m not a fan of Aquaman so this is something new for me. I learned quite some idea about the hero from your article. Thanks from sharing.


  2. Mrs. Type A

    I haven’t yet had the chance to watch Aquaman but I definitely will after reading this! Thanks for sharing your perspective, and I’m excited to be introduced to Aquaman!


  3. Lauren

    I haven’t seen Aquaman but I enjoyed your writing. You’re very imaginative and creative. Might have to change my mind and see Aquaman now.


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