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Winter is harsh and bleak, only if we allow it to. Aeons ago, our forefather had devise ways to break the monotony that winter brings and we continue the tradition to this day no matter how fierce this Polar vortex become. After all, it is the season to be jolly that even the diluvial monsoon season can’t dampen our spirit. With this in mind, Fashion has come forward adapting to the ever changing consumer’s behavior as a result of whatever dire situation called for. It is a challenge to be festive- aesthetic wise but not sacrificing functionality and thus the demand for utilitarian fashion grows exponentially over these years. This is why cargo pants will never go out of style but someone with an eye for aesthetics has to step in so we will not see a monotone cargo pants. We can combat this bad weather in style. However, you cannot argue that combat uniform is not aesthetically pleasing; they serve a higher purpose that is to keep the combatant alive so that you can have your freedom to live and wear something stylish and yet functional. There’s time and place for everything really. Remember how one Japanese school being criticized for an Armani designed uniform? It’s all aesthetic and has nothing to do with learning. Cultural appropriation is another thing you might be thinking but I’m not going into that. (another post) We will explore proper layering this festive season.


Stuffed and Layered

This weekend is exceptionally cold here in Riyadh but there’s no such thing as a bad weather for those who are in a festive mood for the Formula-E season and that’s only one way to beat the cold. International Superstar Enrique Iglesias,  Jason Derulo and the Black Eyed Peas heat up the concert   scene. Riyadh winter heats up like I’ve never seen before though I’m not saying to toss your heater now.

The usual sight of a family on a weekend bonding in full winter gear is somewhat set ablaze. A father took a baby carrier from the back seat and guess what? the carrier is fully stuffed and the baby fully covered. Yes, everyone is invited, even little ones should not be left out from the general patronage fun as there’s so much going on. Circus, anyone?

It’s really cold and i don’t need anyone to tell me I’m cold but the baby might suffer from suffocation and not from hypothermia. Keep in mind to have everything in moderation and so is the layering. I can see the baby is fine so forgive me for my misjudgment but then again he can’t tell you it’s so hot. I think the keyword is comfort that is closely identifiable with functionality or utility.

Then i came across a group of tourist fully geared for winter alighting a bus- luggage in tow. Fresh from the airport and obviously it must be very cold from where they came from. I found out they were crew and chefs from all over the world for the Formula-E race event here in Riyadh.

To layer or not is no longer a contentious issue as anyone can justify if they have to. Cover or layer if you must but we have to layer properly. That’s what this is all about but you can’t just rush and rummage your winter wardrobe and don all you can find; you are not a stuffed toy. Before we go to proper layering of your wardrobe to keep warm and stylish; we must MOISTURIZE. This is an essential step before you get yourself fully covered. Think of it as fortification or defense to combat cold and other harsh elements.   

Layer- Bodies don’t lie

Moisturize as skin dries quickly during winter. You don’t like your skin to look like an Empty Quarter or the Saharan Desert…. Your body will thank you later….

Keep yourself moisturize for as long as you can. The Body Shop Almond Milk & Honey is perfect for sensitive, dry skin.

Start with a warm bath soaked in Almond Milk & Honey bath milk. The calming effect will prepare your body for the gentle Cream Scrub to get rid of the excess dirt and dead cells which clog your skin pores. Wash those dirt away with a warm shower using Almond Milk & Honey Shower Cream. Once your skin pores are free from clogs, this will open up glands underneath your pores to produce natural sebum. And lastly, apply Almond Milk Body Yogurt to locked in the moisture. 

The goal really is to conserve our body heat from escaping and these will ultimately locked in moisture and thus keeping us warm. These will provide an ultimate protection for your skin and barrier against the harsh wintry air.

Keep in mind that water therapy is your end all be all to keep yourself hydrated. 

 Crack lips is the last thing you need. I had a co worker whose lips crack a bit that he didn’t bother to apply anything until the crack widen that he can’t move his lips to smile until he needed a stitch to smile again or eat for that matter. True story. Moisturize to keep your beautiful warm smile. Smize is the latest trend and you don’t want to be left out…… 


Now that you’re done, it’s time for your layering needs to trap your body heat. Conserving body heat is of utmost importance especially winter time, this is when proper layering comes in……….

Season Fully Covered



 Hot N’ Fun    

Pillow Fight kind of fun is good if you’re stuck in a room with a right person but don’t come out of bed just yet and wear those fur / feathers unceremoniously like you’ve lost a cockfight. You don’t like to resemble a stacked pillow either in need of a cuddle to be warm. Always remember you are not a stuffed toy / pillow. All you need is to look perfect and warm like the next picture. 

For Gents, nothing more than a warm shower with a nice Shower Gel will do…….

A quick whip of  White Musk to moisturize and warm up a man on the go….

And lastly a spray of White Musk all over and the man is done…….

You can sum up a man’s routine as Shower Shave Brush Spray Repeat………change quick a man does like magic…….. so fast like a sleight of hand artist…..but some gents took layering a serious job.

Someone prefer to stretch than to cuddle; only if you have packed enough heat. A leather and jeans can do a little help.

Fully Loaded

That’s right guys, never forget when Bella Swan chose the fur over cold blooded Edward Cullen in that death defying cold night out.  

Warm up in style

Hear the thunder…….don’t you lose your head and rip off the roof……don’t stay in bed……

Humidity’s rising, Barometer’s getting low……….that’s why we need a wind breaker….keep in mind you need something like wool or knitwear as an inner wear because any wind breaker are either a pvc fabric, vinyl, or any plastic really, they’re so designed for the rain…..don’t ask me why they are called wind breaker. I think it’s a misnomer. 

According to all sources, the street is the place to go with this warm and fun print from Paul Smith………

A little something bumping, thump, thumping on the wheel ride……The mix in our drinks a little stronger than you think……So get a grip, take a sip of that feel right…..The truck’s jacked up, flat bills flip back…..Yeah you can find us where the party’s at—–This is How We Roll—-Florida Georgia Line feat. Luke Bryan///////////But no, we don’t need liquor to feel warm…….a right warmer is all you need………

Tall, blond, dark and mean……Rough, tough, strong and lean……but nothing can defy hard rain and  freezing sleet than a proper wind breaker……. otherwise you’ll get absolutely soaking wet.

Chairman taught every Angel to rearrange the sky……So that each and every woman could find the perfect guy………….otherwise cold stormy nights ahead……….

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  1. chaddden2001

    I’ve always layered up since I was young, but now I’m older, I’ve learnt how to do it properly. Like you said, moisturising is the most important thing. Thanks for the article, it’s great to know I’m doing something right 😂


  2. Telia Teanna

    Seeing that vasline gave me a flshaback to my daughter smothering it all over her body. Lol thanks for that, it gave me a good laugh. Other than that awesome post.


  3. Madel Bais

    I have not experienced winter in my whole life, yet. But I enjoy this post with those beautiful clothes/dresses. But I do moisturize a lot even with our weather. Thanks for the tips!


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