Color Me Madd

I worked as Book Associate few years ago, sometimes I took a break from reading and head to an Audio / Visual interactive section. Painting by Numbers were on massive discounts as they were trying to get rid of it on reasons that it doesn’t encourage someone to be creative or develop a talent. So, I took some and tried it, it was gratifying to finish painting an art not your own but there’s some sense of accomplishment in it. It was meditative to say the least and you have this smile on your face as you hung it and admire it on your wall.; at least you hang not a ready made decorative art on your wall. 

For a start, it’s best to have a simple pattern you can finish in 3 days.

Komking DIY Paint by Numbers

It’s addictive, you can take on another piece.

DoMyArt Acrylic Paint

Most of us like myself will never (optional) create a masterpiece but somehow this will give you a walk through on how was it when an artist was on the process of creating it….not the entirety of it ( emotions, personality and style, inspirations and all that you could gather to create masterpiece or art for that matter) because everything in Painting by Numbers is preconceived, even those colors were pre mixed. Some would argue it’s cheating, I think not unless you wanted to sell it and signed and pass it as your own; that is clear cheating. You can keep it as a hobbyist and not sell it. I think one would get the gist of the experience I’m talking about if you try it yourself.

My first Painting by Numbers
Plaid Creates 
Newsight Paintworks

Some piece could take really long with its intricate details.

TOCARE Landscape Pattern

There are so many subjects you can pick on Amazon. For me, Pop Culture pieces are something I’d like to hang on my bedroom like a pin up poster. 

Dimension Paint works Avengers
DoMyArt Spider-Man
DoMyArt Acrylic Paint

Chuck Palahniuk wanted his fan’s involvement so he created a Comic Coloring Book. 

Coloring Comic Book
Off Color Stories for You to Color

I like coloring Mandalas.

My Mandalas

So it’s really of easy reach whenever you fancy becoming a Da Vinci  or Van Gogh for a week 

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  1. Christina

    Wow! 🙂 Your artwork is so vibrant & stunning! I have created several paint-by-number wall art myself. I found it to be relaxing, and I had a sense of accomplishment when I was done. I have taken some creative liberties with the colors in the past.


  2. nomadographer

    Some really cool artworks you have displayed in your article…and yes, paiting or sketching can be really therapeutic!


  3. realisticallyaspirational

    I’ve been trying to brainstorm ways to create fun and unique art for our house, especially my kiddo’s room, and this is a great idea! I’m not an artist but I can definitely follow a paint by numbers…I had no idea they are so involved now!


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