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The assistant paused longer than she used to the entire dinner while i occupied myself with hot noodles.

“You sound like Madame, she’s a dynamic old soul fond of what is traditional but she embraced new things, a breakthrough in sciences fascinates her. I recall her talking about New Cinema, Indie Films. She’s unique just like you. I’m worried about her though, she’s a bit strange lately.

Trudging footsteps was again heard along the hallway, the bodyguard was carrying our luggages and i told the assistant if she’d like to check on some items we’re selling. She instructed the bodyguard to set those luggages near the coffee table as she trained her eyes to the glinting presents with an earnest desire. I was glad it will divert her attention somehow and hopeful i will have my first sale from her.

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The bodyguard told me the other belongings are in the luggage cabinet and handed me the key to it. I can’t tell if it was the stairs or the luggages that cut him short of air; maybe both or his being stout. I smiled recalling how i easily transported it from several times we transferred. A boost of self esteem surged in me. The assistant was right about the youth thing.

“You got the first customer in me” she said gulping down fizzy drinks and i opened the luggage ushering the assistant as if she’s about to open a present.

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“O my precious, how could you wrap these things up like that? They looked rammed but then i have to remind myself we’re not in a department store where they were presented in prestige and admire their quaintness.” she said running her hands to her well coif hair as if checking for stray hair.

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I know it’s a ploy, I’m used to it, people have different tactics persuading us to give discounts; she got an impressive talent though but that won’t merit her a price off. Her kindness and generosity however deserves gratitude i offer her freebies later.

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She’s thankful and stopped running her hands as there’s no really stray hair and adjusted her buns instead. She was unprepared for my sudden selling tactics and added that there’s no discount on buena mano (first sale)

“Well, thank you. Smart way of saying i have to earn the rest accordingly, i understand how hard for you to acquire such exquisite finds. You don’t have to elaborate cause i find direct sellers ranting exploitative, and thus raised impossible prices charging us of the hardships they’ve been through.”

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“Oh my goodness, it’s heavy.” she said taking boots out of luggage while checking for its authenticity.

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” I can’t wait for Madame to check this out. She will surely love your collections. Well, first allow me to take photo of each of them.” she said in a hum drum as if she had done this several times before that she got bored or that she sounded apathetic that i assumed followed by asking for more discounts or wholesale price. She wanted to resell which is fine.

“Then?”  i found her every word now worth thousands as she promised sales.

“Then we’ll wait for them to ask for us to freight it forward to them.” She said still in a resigned voice not wanting to promise success.

“Don’t worry, your collections were not as stale as mine before and i aggressively tried selling that it ended up a bargain. I learned my lesson though.” she said hoping that i got her point.

Then i tried not to inquire too much and helped her taking photos while she scan and send facsimile ( they’re using fax….amazing) as if we are selling art pieces. LOL

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  1. incalexandra

    I really enjoyed the way you wrote this blog post and shared these items. A very creative way! I haven’t seen a post like this before and I enjoyed it 🙂


  2. dontjudgemeblogger

    I love how you turned this post into an interesting story! I had to keep reading until the end! Great job and great items!

    -Veronica Olafsen


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