Great Expectations- the Novel

Last chapters of Charles Dickens’s Great Expectations were full of surprises and discoveries. Well, it was because Pip’s life from the beginning was full of secrets. From the moment he stepped on the Satis House of Miss Havisham; he eventually uncover secrets lurking on its walls and its rooms. Secrets of the marshes and the churchyard, secrets on the forge, secrets on their kitchen, the lake and the Mill Pond Bank; secrets were everywhere. Though they’re not forever kept as eventually Pip uncovered it by making assumptions.
Pip’s life was like an experiment going on in a laboratory. Yes, indeed scientists post problems and then make hypothesis and do experiments and eventually solved mysteries.
Some of Pip’s assumptions were proved wrong and some of his expectations were not met and actually gone worst like some mishandled procedures on lab or an experiment gone haywire.
Though it was difficult because tasks were laid for him and got nothing to do but take and hope like an experiment which follows methods and observe every occurrence until to the point of discovery.
In short, Great Expectations was a story of a man coming to maturity. From a mere boy’s life of accepting responsibilities, fell in love, making decisions that would determine the future and sometimes just going with the flow and let come what may. Be ready for pains and sufferings, for the unexpected worst, for discoveries and surprises. After all your Great Expectations may not come.
Note: 1998’s screen adaptation of Great Expectations is a fresh take from director Alfonso Cuaron.




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