Viaje Caravan

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You insists of going and before I know it you’re already there. “Are you not going to be here with me?please stay with me forever.” you asked sweetly and I give in.

“It’s fascinating, these plants are lined like platoons of soldiers looking up at us.” Then we walk the slope terrain evenly planted with sunflower and white flower.

“Shall we dance?” You lead me waltzing around the tree with your casual made up beat. You wished this moment would last forever embracing me tightly around, your head resting on my chest hearing my heartbeat. Fire is building within me just as the tree sparkles with fireflies and their intermittent fire dancing rhythmically to your beat.


From a distant sky, I saw an explosion of pyrotechnics. Various colors scattered on proxy for star’s absence. Fireworks brightened only a while and disappeared from sky which once again spotless leaving the moon to lit the land. It was from a summer festival we are heading for.

GF missed that again as she appeared totally submerged in her sleep. How can she sleep like that in a moving vehicle? However, I just wished that hundreds of fireflies glowed intermittently spiraling you around and carried you up above the tree.

I checked on her breathing and pulse and felt relieved knowing she’s fine. Breezy air once again came whipping as if to exhaust us until we reached vacation house.

GF was exhausted, her previous travels take a toll on her and that she needed to continue sleeping. The assistant showed us our room and she slump unceremoniously to bed. I felt sorry for her despite the fact that she’s the one insisted on visiting me to my apartment and it’s only fair to give her comfort and care that palpably she’ll be asking if she can. I combed her tousled mane with hands; she winced as i wiped cold sweats on her forehead and kissed her dearly. I muttered something and i hated myself i couldn’t tell her that bravely. She’s smart,clever, determined. These were traits i like about her the most and that also numbed me to openly speak about my feelings. I was deep in my thoughts that i didn’t hear someone had been knocking on the door.

“Dinner sir, the assistant is expecting you two” said the maid as she led me along the hallway to the dining room. The assistant greeted me with a warm smile and asked me to sit across her.

“Sit down, Madam apologized for not joining us, an urgent call of celebration summon her to a gala, she is to host a dinner. She believed it won’t go on without her.” said the assistant laughing her heart out; i joined laughing sensing the warm welcome.

“I’m sorry though the party would be much fun with you strutting the ballroom.” i said

“No, i’d rather be here surrounded by youthful energy.” she said as if the energy gathered around her eyes popping it dramatically. She took a bite at her smoked salmon sandwiches.

“Then again I’m afraid i can’t fill the energy my GF has, she can’t be with us either. Something went wrong along the way, I don’t know if it is motion sickness because she’s taking Bonamine, she’s been traveling this past weeks but she’ll be alright.”

“oh she must be tired, now help yourself before you too give in.” she handed me what she called Bouillabaisse. I remember before En Provence at the Shang has it but i don’t know where they got it and i didn’t bother to ask. I took note of it so I can order later. I was hungry.


“So what you do for a living?” she asked looking excited at the insta pot the maid was carrying from the kitchen, she open it simmering as the assistant added some green leafy veggie to the sliced veal and noodles.

Instant Pot

” Currently, I’m a massage therapist.” and then i go on enumerating my previous jobs. I am generous providing information and talking about my employment history (LOL)  good thing it was cut as the driver asked where to put all the things they brought with them from Manila.

The assistant’s rapid talk felt murderous as if every word stabbed deep in my chest for every comment she made suggesting where i did wrong but said mistakes are inevitable and that we can only correct it. I wished my GF was there at that point, she can handle that talk, in fact every conversation because she has a gift of a gab. It’s impolite to hate the assistant being inquisitive but we are guest and she’s my GF’s friend so i showed manners.

“You’re right though, i should act my age. It’s just that the universal culture of youth is so tempting and i blamed that for everyone falls for that pit. Though i admire your old soul; i mean your eye for arts and antiques. Good thing you’re not easily influence by contemporary culture despite everything around you is youth…….youth…….youth…….the advocates of the new age……..believe me they’re the new diseases. I myself suffered from depression,anxiety and everything attributed from an environment they had created. I can’t cope up.”

This is one thing i didn’t like about the assistant; i didn’t say anything that suggests her to say that. She’s merely putting words on my mouth.  It must be her habit to supply the narrative whenever i was quiet and just eat. She dreaded deadpan i assumed.

It was a breather every time the driver passed bringing our stuff to the kitchen. She has to instruct them where to put so we can easily retrieve it. My GF liked to bring stuff from Manila and my stuff i bought online for my short stay in Manila; we wanted to bring everything back to the province so the goal is for the rented apartment to be empty. The assistant realized they’d become movers for house transfer. There were Gasulito (compact gas cylinder), Non stick pan, food steamer, camping mat, 2 luggages full of unused clothes and shoes.

Non stick Omelette Pan 

A trudging footstep from the hallway suggested a heavy set man- the body guard. He carried our other stuff. We were so grateful for the generosity they offered transport for us but we told them before hand we are loaded with stuff as we were emptying the apartment and needed to transfer these before i go back abroad to work. I apologized to the body guard as he sighed heavily and i stand helping him and he refused. I was eager to help because had we not meet them we are still on the road dropping every passenger to every destination. At least now we are 3 municipalities away.


The assistant was bothered as our mixer for baking bumped into refrigerator. She checked the ref for dents and came back satisfied. She continue eating kakanin (rice cake) and dip into sugary sauce.


“I can tell you are really preparing to settle down with all these kitchen machines”

“Yeah, my GF likes to bake and cook; and eventually we will use this for business. Meanwhile, she’ll be practicing at home. It’s her hobby really.




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  1. Ummu Sh

    At first… I wondered of who GF is and I realized thatb it is Girlfriend. Is it? 😂

    Hey! I like the way you tell the story. And I don’t why I keep making a big grin everytime you tell one thing and put a picture of it..


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