Scents and Sensibilities

A single scent will trigger a specific emotional response from us just like a binaural beat will inevitably put us into a relax or meditative state and lull us to sleep.

Yes, scents and music trigger an emotional response.

Perfumes are composed of more than one scent and that means it will trigger complex emotional responses as music does regardless of genre.

Cacophony of disconcerted notes and chords will inevitably trigger ire in most of us and that well-orchestrated ones will bring pleasant experiences.

Perfectly blended perfumes are those with notes harmoniously complimenting each other and not overpowering the other that would disrupt our senses resulting to unpleasant emotions unless desired intentionally.

A genius musician knows exactly what goes into composing a piece that would convey his message and emotion and bring his audience to a desired state.

In Perfumes, you would say it’s a chemically induced stimuli that binds to a specific receptor that neurotransmitters then transported to brain to signal complex emotional responses.

Experiencing music and perfumes are so much alike that you’ll be transported to a sensory overload journey but then we all have different sensory perceptions; what may be pleasant to you is a complete nuisance to me.

So i made a list of scents that perfumers labeled wisely and i consider it their seal of approval. Obviously, the creator knows exactly what experience/emotion their creation is giving us. It saves me time and narrow down our searches for the next coveted perfume using descriptive names like Euphoria Calvin Klein. You can use it as reference just like what i did when i was a salesman. It works every time. You can never go wrong. Besides they’ve tested it several times to come up with the perfect scent that would suit and justify the name.

Then you would say “really, they can bottle Euphoria?”  Well, they can only bottle stimuli that could trigger Euphoria or a state similar to Euphoria. It really depends on the recipient even if i shove it down your nostrils and tell you it’s euphoric but then you feel otherwise. It still all go down to your senses and you decide. Don’t take it as a  scientifically formulated concoction as you would with prescribed medicine which are backed up by scientific findings that delivers the exact thing they put on labels.

I understand when you are referring to other who would go beyond and that it feels like extra. Well, perfume world is laden by metaphor. This is why i like Perfumes, they attempt to bottle what is intangible or abstract and metaphorically describe the feeling and thus label their perfume for us to grasp the abstract concept or ideas like inspiration.

I know you might be thinking I’m talking nonsense. I’ll give you an example. My GF’s cousin went to visit; equally beautiful. Then came time I have to go with them back to the city without my GF. Believe me, my GF’s cousin distanced herself  the whole 5-hour trip and sometimes made face to me that said ‘ you smell hideous’ . I realized it was the perfume my GF sprayed on me purposely before we left. It was rancid. I smell awful. So you see, it takes my GF to know that a rancid perfume will ward her cousin off me or vise versa as i can’t be lingering around with hideous smell in spite of my awesomeness.

I also remember when i try to annoy my co fragrance advisor; i choose the one i thought could really upset them and spray them and walk away wearing an impish smile.

It is so simple yet brilliant.

Euphoria for Women Calvin Klein

Exotic Floral Fruity

Top Note: persimmon,pomegranate  Middle Note: magnolia champaca, lotus flower,orchid

Eternity for Men Calvin Klein

Aromatic Fougere

Without a doubt, this will go on forever.

Top Notes: lavender,mandarin orange,bergamot,lemon  Middle Notes: coriander,lily,orange blossom,juniper berries,basil,jasmine,sage,lily-of-the-valley,geranium  Base Notes: sandalwood,amber,musk,vetiver,brazilian rosewood.


Eternity for Women Calvin Klein

Top Notes: mandarin,freesia,citrus blossom,foliage,sage  Middle Notes: carnation,calendula,jasmine,lilium,woodland lily,narcissus,rose,violet  Base Notes: amber,musk,heliotropium,patchouli,sandalwood

Eternity Moment, Eternity Rose Blush, Eternity Purple Orchid all made an impact i couldn’t take them off my senses, perhaps this is forever.


Curious Britney Spears

Effervescent Fruity Floral

Top Notes: lotus flower,magnolia,pear  Middle Notes: cyclamen flower,jasmine,tuberose  Base Notes: musk,vanilla, sandalwood

It was her celebrity that made us curious about the scent though at the time of launch she was curious no more and that made the scent more intriguing. Nevertheless, the scent itself made us more curious.



Top Notes: bergamot,mandarin  Middle Notes: grasse rose,jasmine  Base Notes:sandalwood,cedar,patchouli,white musk

“Joy by Dior expresses this remarkable feeling of joy by offering an olfactive interpretation of light.” Francois Demachy


Sheer Tiffany & Co.

Fresh Floral

Top Notes: tangerine,clementine,blood orange  Middle Notes: jasmine,lily of the valley,water hyacinth,magnolia,peony  Base Notes: musk

I felt pure the first time i tried this despite my flaws; it’s so flawless just like every Tiffany & Co. piece.


Insolence Guerlain

Floral Fruity

Top Notes:citrus bergamia,lemon,raspberry,red berry fruit  Middle Notes: citrus blossom,rose,violet  Base Notes: musk,iris,resinous elements,tonka beans,sandalwood

We launched this fall of 2005 in Mall of Asia’s Marrionaud Philippines; i remember we were educating customers more of its name denoting as negative but having Hillary Swank at the helm; Insolence connotes something of the opposite like being a strong woman, independent, courageous. Think of her movies about Suffragettes & Million Dollar Baby to name a few. Then you’ll know she’s representing women empowerment. Nevertheless, the launched was successful and it was well received.


Covet Sarah Jessica Parker

Floral Green

Top Notes:lemon,geranium,lavender,foliage,black chocolate  Middle Notes:  honeysuckle,woodland lily,magnolia  Base Notes:  amber,musk,cashmere woods,teak,vetiver

It was unfortunate that this was discontinued in our counters. The name being covet and the slogan “I had to have it”  really made you want to have it. Check the campaign here 

Obviously it is the scent everyone covets but the campaign ( how ever you see it) may it justify how badly you needed it or it encourages pilferage among employees and customers alike. It caught everyone’s attention but we focus on her other perfume Lovely which was equally well received. I read rumors that the scent (Lovely) is edible (then scenes from Sex and the City flashes back) so i tried licking it, it wasn’t so bad; no after taste.

Notorious Ralph Lauren for Women

Oriental Floral

Top Notes: citrus bergamia,black currant,pink peppercorn  Middle Notes:carnation,chocolate daisy,peony  Base Notes: musk,orris,patchouli,vanilla


Scandal Jean Paul Gaultier

Chypre Floral

Top Notes:  orange sanguine,gardenia  Middle Notes:honey  Base Notes:patchouli

Finally, JPG has something new; they’re back with a bang. This is not to disparage Classique; for it proved to be a classic no matter how she (the bottle) is dressed every summer. Do i have to remind you how she shares the same brassiere with Madonna who is an avid JPG fan that she wears JPG’s corsets and pointed brassiere for her concerts. Indeed, Classique has star following. JPG has popularized leather and lace like no other; and he gave night owl a scent truly their own. Scandal has its own character that is rather light and the scent is promising as it shares the same sillage with all other JPG collection like Fragile or even Le Male.

Watch campaign here


In Love Again Yves Saint Laurent

Fresh Fruity Floral



Pure XS Paco Rabanne for Women

Erotic Floral Oriental

XS Line is a phenomenon. Pure XS for women and men are both rocking the scented world. XS is coming back! Pure XS women unleashed an erotic floral oriental that will heighten your senses. Quentin Bisch was inspired to bottle the essence of an orgasm that will definitely send your senses to an overdrive which was made possible with a distinctive Paco flair and magnetic ylang ylang on an intriguing pop corn note explosion.

Top Notes: citrus blossom,peach  Middle Notes: musk mallow, pop corn, ylang ylang  Base Notes: musk,coconut,vanilla,softwood

It is a tradition for XS Line to excite your senses since the 90’s. I remember they came out with a limited edition XS Seven Capital Sins which made an impact and from then on XS has carved a niche as excessively captivating.

Watch the latest campaign 


Pure XS Paco Rabanne Men

Fresh Oriental

Top Notes: foliage,thyme,ginger  Middle Notes: leather,cinnamon,vanilla  Base Notes: lilac,natural gum,cedar wood,woody elements

Watch the latest campaign





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  1. Nina

    Experiencing music and perfumes are so much alike that you’ll be transported to a sensory overload journey – TOTALLY AGREE! There’s a rhythm that the two seem connected!


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