Tobacco Essences- Personal Experiences /Olfactory Memories


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I love the aroma of fresh or dried tobacco leaves but hated the smoke; that explains why I’m not a smoker. It started when i was a kid, my grandparents frequently asked me to buy from tabac market all the ingredients for their betel nut chewing sessions which includes Betel leaf (buyo) areca nut (bunga) lime or apog (usually ground oyster shell or other sea shells) and tobacco leaves. I call it their nibbles for they just chew it. The mixture known as psychoactive at that time also turned out to be a medicine of some sort; thanks to the conconction courtesy of whoever chew it and smudged it to my stomach to relieved of severe pain. Perhaps it’s the heat it generated that relieved me that i didn’t mind it’s disgusting and so primitive though that’s not how i developed love for the aroma of tobacco.

The aroma is so enticing ( i use the word enticing instead of addictive because i believed nicotine is not causing it -I’m talking from experience as i didn’t get addicted or something. I’m not a smoker. So you see, smelling a tobacco accord in your perfume is not the same as inhaling the smoke from your cigar/cigarettes. Let’s get to the jargon, in perfume world, accord means a blend of different essences to form a new scent that individual essences loses its identity. So tobacco accord means it might contain tobacco essence but very minimal or nothing at all. You may smell tobacco as it subsides; and tobacco notes are usually use as base. Perfumers can mimic nature’s smell through series of concoction or blends until their noses are satisfied. Perfect example is Davidoff’s Good Life. It smells of fresh tobacco leaves but there’s no trace of tobacco essence in  its ingredients in spite the company being a cigar producer.

Tobacco used as vaping agent is different as it is equally or more harmful than cigarette smoking. I hope that clarifies tobacco essence in perfume doesn’t make you an addict or be expose to nicotine unless you may raise that using perfume is in itself with or without tobacco essence is deterrent to good health; that is a different issue altogether that demands a separate post.

John Varvatos Vintage

Woody Chypre

Top Notes: wormwood,basil,rhubarb,quince,fennel,pepper  Middle Notes: juniper berries,lavender,cinnamon,jasmine,orris root,green leaves  Base Notes: tonka bean,tobacco,suede,patchouli,oak moss,balsam fir, woody notes

Dreamer Versace

Aromatic Sensual

Top Notes: clary sage,lavender,mandarin  Middle Notes: Geranium,rose,tobacco  Base Notes: cedar, tonka bean

Burberry London Men  

Oriental Spicy

Top Notes: citrus bergamia,lavender,violet leaves,pepper Middle Notes:leather,mimosa,fortified wine Base Notes:Tobacco,natural gum,vera wood,oak moss

Fumerie Turque Serge Lutens


Top Notes: honey,juniper berries,tonka bean,chamomile,patchouli Middle Notes:vanilla,turkish rose,red currant,tobacco,styrax Base Notes:suede

Lanvin Avant Garde

Oriental Woody

Top Notes:Italian bergamot,Madagascar pepper,pink peppercorn,juniper Middle Notes: lavender,nutmeg,cardamom,beeswax Base Notes: Vetiver,amber,benzoin,tobacco,Georgywood molecule

Versace Man

Woody Spicy

Top Notes: bergamot,neroli,angelica,pepper Middle Notes: saffron,cardamom Base Notes: amber,tobacco,labdanum,cashmere wood

Le Tabac L’antichambre

Top Notes: red apple, sweet candy Middle Notes: rose Base Notes: tobacco,patchouli

Dunhill Icon Absolute

Woody Spicy

Top Notes:bergamot,black pepper Middle Notes:black rose,saffron,jasmine Base Notes:oud,tobacco leaf,leather








Image By: Pixaloop





Disclaimer: This post is not intended to glamorize tobacco smoking or to euphemize its dangerous effects to your health.



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