Aquatic Fragrances-Personal Experiences/ Olfactory Memories

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Bvlgari Aqva- I first smell it from our product training. I remember we were in a Spa set up- Bvlgari Aqva bottles were everywhere which mimics a stone as it was fashioned after a stone. It was a Spa-like training room. As an ice breaker, we have games usually a quiz- part of training. We learned from it that usually Bvlgari fragrances are tea based or tea inspired. They came out with green tea, white tea, red tea, black tea and so on. We found out that it was first time Bvlgari came out with something not of tea. It came out 2005 and bestsellers at that time are usually of aquatic scents like Yves Saint Laurent’s  Kouros eau d’Ete, Ralph Lauren Polo Blue, and other summer fragrances which are usually the winner; aquatic or not. Bvlgari came out with a unique aquatic scent capturing the essence of deep ocean and successfully bottled the deepest ocean that you can smell its saltiness and would later feel its calmness. 

Bvlgari Aqva Pour Homme

Aromatic, Aquatic- energizing and refreshing marine notes
Top Notes:mandarin, orange, petit grain Middle Notes: Santolina lavender,cotton and Posidonia sea weed Base Notes: mineral amber, woody notes, clary sage

Ralph Lauren Polo Blue

Aromatic Fougere
Top Notes: melon,mandarin orange, cucumber Middle Notes: basil,sage,geranium Base Notes:musk,wood notes, suede

Ralph Lauren Polo Blue for Men was launched in 2003 and still on top until 2007 as i can remember. They ran a successful ad campaign; the face behind that campaign is that of young Leonardo DiCaprio look alike; preppy look. (sorry, can’t remember model’s name) Fragrance’s image model is important so as to know who this fragrance was made for or so we can know the image being projected, (take it as reference the next time you buy…my General Manager once told me we are selling dreams) Still, it is the scent which will determine perfume’s shelf life.

Nautica Voyage for Men

Nautica Voyage- Fresh Aquatic-
Well, from the brand name itself, you can hardly miss the sea. The brand’s portfolio inspire and allow us to experience the joy of water. Nautica Voyage for men is fresh and salty sea breeze, you can feel the vibrant sea with its coastal herbs and woods accord.
Top Notes: green notes of leaves and apple Middle Notes: Mimosa, water lotus, aquatic elements Base Notes: moss, cedar wood,musk, amber

Davidoff Cool Water Into the Ocean for Men

Fresh Aromatic Aquatic-
Top Notes: grapefruit,mandarin orange,seawater notes Middle Notes: sage,green basil Base Notes: Juniper

Davidoff Cool Water is a staple in this Category with all variations they come out every year, it’s a sure hit. As a fragrance advisor, i don’t even have to do the talking, it sold itself. The mark of winner.



Woody Aromatic Marine

Top Notes: grapefruit,bitter orange   Middle Notes: Eucalyptus,thyme   Base Notes: musk,sea spray accord

It symbolizes everything the surfing company stands for. It’s fun and exciting you can feel the adrenaline rushing and the freedom water gives when surfing. It’s youthful in a way it’s refreshing and daring. I got it as a gift from a friend who is obviously a fan of the scent and he is happy every time he found one as it is not always available in your local counter.


Biotherm Homme Aquafitness

Aquatic Aromatic

Top Notes: Bergamot,lemon, seawater accord  Middle Notes: honeysuckle,mint,sage  Base Notes: cedar, musk

Another scent developed with the surfer in mind or for anyone who loves water sports; or anyone who just wanted to be energized by the sea or at times to calm the mind for Aquafitness also embodies the energy unleashed from the infinite depths of the sea.


Abercrombie & Fitch- Fierce Blue

Aquatic Aromatic

Top Notes: sea notes, lavender Middle Notes: amber Base Notes: wood notes

Inspired by the freshness of blue sea and the sense of adventure. It evokes a man that is seductive, daring and has a fascination to explore.


Aqua Kenzo Pour Homme

Woody Aquatic Balsamic

Top Notes: Pink pepper, apple, bergamot  Middle Notes: green notes,hazelnut,sesame,water notes  Base Notes: amber,cedar,musk,sandalwood,tonka beans,vanilla

Fresh aquatic, new interpretation of water inspired scent. I always loved their ad campaign. This time with the slogan ‘For Water Addicts Only’ accompanied by #wateraddicts  Watch here …. It reminds me of L’eau Par Kenzo lines. Since they launched L’eau Par Kenzo in the 90’s, it’s all about water. I remember customers were asking “where’s the fish?” because the ad says it all…..for me smelling l’eau par Kenzo is analogous to smelling fresh air that you love as the fish would breath normally  underwater. eau-par-kenzo-1549

Since then Kenzo Takada drew inspiration from water as other L’eau Par Kenzo lines established to be like the L’eau Par Kenzo Colors where he was inspired to give water a color. L’eau Par Kenzo Wave, L’eau Par Kenzo Wild like a wild waterfall. Then there is L’eau Kenzo Aquadisiac which is not of aquatic scent but Kenzo Takada invites us to dive into dreamlike aquatic world.





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  1. adaezeboltbethel

    My husband has tons of expensive perfumes; their scents make me want to eat him up. Smelling good has a way of adding sophistication to your look. Perfect collections.


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