Summer Fragrances- Personal Experiences/ Olfactory Memories

We always look forward to summer for it is a break from our busy schedule; a time to unwind and a time to worship nature. The beach has always been my favorite place. Adventurous people would go hiking and enjoy the wild. We all have these fun summer experiences. Summer from my childhood was a wild ride; we went hunting in the wild and would turn out to be the prey sometimes and got lost. We swam all water; calm and wild and drown. We climbed trees and fall. We slid the grassy hill using palm branches and tumble and broke some bones. It was a bliss and innocent until i went to big city. My reference to summer experiences (and all other experiences ) have changed . This time my experiences  (special or ordinary) are embed to my olfactory memories; that is to say i associated whatever experiences i have to a particular scent or vise versa. All these started when I was employed to a multi million dollar fragrance and skin care company. I was a fragrance consultant/salesman; but I can’t kick the habit as I still do the olfactory memory / personal experience association even I left my job 2006.

It was ‘98 when I started as a fragrance consultant. We still go to the beach and other exotic places but most of the time we are confine to a concrete jungle with all the comfort an air conditioned mall could give ; a company sponsored outing/ event/ product launching allow us to go places. It was summer of 2004 when cK one summer was launched in the Philippines. We all are excited because Calvin Klein always splurge on a big launch. We still have the memory of cK One classic launching in Megamall, Philippines where all floors were covered by animation display, interactive booths and sampling counters. It was huge so to speak.

Then cK One summer is expected to be as huge. Bottled in classic cK One but of vibrant lime green color fading into a xantine hue. It’s a playful interpretation and a different scent from its predecessor. It was a massive success, thanks to its wider demographic reach; it is loved by all gender, young and old. Although, it’s not available all season in your local perfumery counters, hence, summer edition; you can still order online. Amazon has Calvin Klein sponsored page where cK One classic is available with its body line ranges to supply its cult following’s demands.

I remember during the launch of cK One summer 2004, we were wearing a lime green t-shirt to compliment its bottle’s color. It was a media event that escapes no one. We were everywhere.

cK One Summer 2004- Top notes: kiwi and citruses; middle notes are cactus, blueberry leaf and lily of the valley; base notes are musk and vetiver.

Since then we always look forward to every cK One summer edition as each summer would bring new memories. Thanks to its cult following, the tradition continue to this day. cK One summer 2018 is dedicated to a blue summer sky.

cK One Summer 2018– top notes- lemon , lime mojito; middle notes-white flowers, pineapple and guava; base notes- cedar wood and coconut milk.

It comes with labels that  you can stick on its turquoise bottle; or for a truly personalized collection, you can decorate your bottle with your own prized summer photos.

Check out other cK One summer edition


cK One summer 2004- citrus aromatic

cK One summer 2005- woody floral musk

Top notes:mandarin orange,peach,pineapple,kiwi  Middle notes: bergamot,frangipani,lily of the valley  Base notes: musk,wood notes

cK One summer 2006- citrus aromatic

Top notes: melon,mandarin leaf  Middle notes: lemon verbena,lemon,rhubarb,freesia  Base notes: incense,cedar,peach,musk

cK One summer 2007- woody aromatic

Top notes: orange,mandarin orange,grapefruit,watermelon,watermint  Middle notes: ginger,orange blossom,marigold  Base notes:  vanilla,orris root,guaiac wood,vetiver

cK One summer 2008- woody aquatic

Top notes:  mint,watermelon,cardamom Middle notes:  cucumber,hedione-extract of jasmine blossom  Base notes:  musk,woodsy notes

cK One summer 2009- fresh aquatic narcotic

Top notes:  blue mint,cucumber,lime,bergamot  Middle notes:  green apple,rosemary,lotus  Base notes:  rum cocktail,sandalwood,driftwood,oak moss


cK One summer 2010-2015

cK One summer 2010-floral aquatic

Top notes:pear,mandarin,kaffir lemon  Middle notes: violet leaves,marigold,water lily,lemon verbena  Base notes: vetiver,patchouli,cedar

cK One summer 2011- refreshingly clean aromatic citrus

Top notes: citrus,tangerine,melon, aquatic ferns  Middle notes:lemon,blue freesia,verbena ,rhubarb  Base notes: incense,cedar,musk,peach

cK One summer 2012-delicate, fun and refreshing citrus

Top notes:  blue mint,cucumber,lime,bergamot  Middle notes: green apple,rosemary,lotus  Base notes: sandalwood,driftwood,rum, sea moss

cK One summer 2013-fresh aquatic aromatic

Top notes:  hesperidium fruits, aqueous  Middle notes: water lily,cucumber,watermelon  Base notes:  musk, oak moss

cK One summer 2014-citrus aromatic

Top notes:  grapefruit,lemon,lime fruit,melon  Middle notes: blue agave alcohol,freesia,cypress  Base notes: coconut,sugar,cedar wood

cK One summer 2015-citrus aromatic

Top notes:  juniper berry liqueur, lemon, lime fruit,juniper berry  Middle notes:  cucumber,watermelon,ginger,star aniseed  Base notes:  amber,musk,patchouli, woody elements

Have you ever had experiences that were tied to your olfactory memory? Share it with us in the comment below.






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  1. Prabashi

    I use to buy CK For my dad back in the day and the bottles didn’t look this good. My dad use to like CK a lot. I definitely want to try this one. These look like vodka falovored bottles


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