Atomic Souffle

         The news around the world is terrifying enough to be vexed by a snide comment from bored people or should I say distressed people. Actually, it’s a breeze hearing them of gibberish talk their simple mind is capable of. I mean, it’s like a break from a convergence of crisis the world has endured. As if I have to remind you of the catastrophic events that plagued countries the world over; and not a single country had been spared. From a political turmoil that engulfed the world; financial collapsed in the EU; food shortage somewhere else in the world due to flooding, wildfires and all sort of plagues. You can name those seven plagues that had hit aeons ago and I’m sure this generation had miss not a bit of it. I actually lost count. It is indeed a convergence of crisis and all of which concerns for life. I lost count of how many environmental refugees are out there. But as always there is a data keeping body and soon they’ll lost count too as situation escalates and in the end they will decide it’s unprecedented. We are living in exponential times. And soon no superpower could handle the crisis. No, not even America which everybody love to call the declining power. No, not even the EU or any governing body that the world could form. And they will decide it’s beyond their power.

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Photo Credit: Bansky Art- eBay

Corporate giants and governments had long denied the overwhelming scientific evidence about global warming; climate change. And when the going gets tough they signed papers but it’s late. Buildings had crumbled, turrets toppled, and many in the tunnels they tumbled; wall of waves rushed ashore, the winds unfathomable and the sun scorched like hell. It’s overwhelming that we forgot to breath and then breath we do only to be suffocated by an atomic souffle. It’s diluvial.

Environmentalist or those so called advocates of Mother Nature has blamed carbon footprint that humans produced from their daily endeavor as what had Annie Leonard explained in her Story of Stuff. She said it’s a linear system which is killing the finite planet. From reaping resources to processing, to packing, to distribution and finally to consumption. It’s the linear system that the finite planet couldn’t afford. And the solution is to reduce consumption, to avoid using things unnecessary thus reducing the carbon footprint.

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Photo Credit: GreenPeace – eBay

Many had come forward offering solutions. Celebrities from Cameron Diaz to Leonardo DiCaprio’s The 11th Hour to Al Gore’s The Inconvenient Truth to Annie Leonard’s Story of Stuff. All is brilliant but will be in vain if no effort is ever done. As what Felix Finkbeiner says “ Stop Talking and Start Planting.”

So there it goes, the convergence of crisis that I do not aim at giving you a heart attack. I’m sorry I forgot to warn you that this could not be amusing but there’s one perspective that could be a delight to those doomsday sayers, a perspective from Zechariah Sitchin whose book End of Days prophesied Armageddon. He was researching about a planet Nibiru- an exoplanet (out of solar system) of the Annunaki gods which travels to our solar system every 3,600 years (Earth years) that only account to 1 year of Niburian revolution and that made them immortals thus the Annunaki gods. The 3,600 years is accurately measured by the Mayan calendar ( a kind of ancient gadget intricately design to tell time, dates etc. (kindly refer to the book) The 3,600 years mark the eventful phenomenon- good or bad and is always associated with the appearance of the star- the Nibiru. As in the time of the Deluge- remember Noah’s ark when it perched to a mountain? There’s the star welcoming them to land. Then came another 3,600 years and the birth of Jesus Christ heralded. Remember the star which guided the three Kings? It was the planet Nibiru passing the solar system. Then came another 3,600 years and came WWII. Of course there’s the remarkable star Nibiru.  More sightings had been recorded prior to these. ( kindly refer to the book) Sitchin concluded in this last book of Earth Chronicles that all these crisis perhaps has something to do with the coming of Planet Nibiru which foretold changes- good or bad. But no matter how inconvenient the conclusion was. We know that God is with us. Sitchin referring to a Mayan calendar said 2024 will be the End of Days. Nobody can be sure of course but one thing we are certain is that God is with us……and that is more than enough.

*photo credit- Bansky

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    1. Jeferson Beluso

      It’s another perspective… know when you’re looking for answers…..there are obvious ones……but then the magnitude of problem presented is something beyond my comprehension that I tend to look for some areas no matter how gray it might be. The book End of Days offer some answers based on celestial phenomenon which claimed to have caused this catastrophic events. Well, this is just me looking up to stars every time I can’t find answer on ground.


  1. TripleAmommy

    Wow, yes, if you start to think about the various issues afflicting the world today – it’s overwhelming! Everything seems too little too late…


  2. elaineebest

    I think it’s ridiculous for people to believe what we’re doing on a daily basis doesn’t affect our planet. Like how do you argue science?


  3. Chai

    This is incredible way to build awareness. I myself is an advocate to save out mother earth, as much as i can, i don’t use plastic bags on grocery shopping. I use fabric tote bag.


  4. Valerie

    “Corporate giants and governments had long denied the overwhelming scientific evidence about global warming; climate change. ” I love this line! I think the little steps we’ve been taking to save the environment is great and it helps a lot, but targeting big corporate companies should be a priority because they emit so many pollutants and that’s something they’ve been successfully covering up.


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