Heaven Sent

          Heaven is so elusive; an abstract concept Metaphysics could only explore. Nevertheless, people throughout ages had come to define Heaven dependent of the reality they are in. Defining Heaven varies widely relative to religion, culture and of different civilizations. Some suggested, it is a physical realm for God and had several planes of Hierarchical Order for Angels. Some suggested Heaven is a highest mental state one achieved through spiritual journey. A journey which one progresses as he reaches different levels of mental state. The highest of which is the Nirvana. The Heaven.

          No matter how one define Heaven; be it of physical or of spiritual sphere, it seems to me that Heaven is so elusive; though it has levels; it is not of General admission per se. Finding Heaven is a journey one spends in a lifetime. Aeon ago, there were evidences across different cultures and religions; people built stairways to Heaven. It sounds familiar? Yes, you’ve heard of it. The Tower of Babel; one of too many across civilizations built specifically to reach Heaven. Of course you know what happened. God confounded languages of people so as to create confusion and have them scattered the world over. It’s arrogant and blasphemous toward God for thinking you can reach Heaven just by stepping stairs and knocking on its Gate like a delivery man. Human thought simply that God created Stairway to Heaven but it seemed God shut the Gate of Heaven. God has to secure Heaven’s Pureness and that any signs of impurities has no chance desecrating its Holy Ground. You know the story very well of how the Angel Lucifer blasphemed God. Lucifer and all other impure fallen angels were thrown out of Heaven- not through the Gate of Heaven- but somewhere else- and Heaven thus become elusive.

          Civilizations passed and new structures been built directed to reach Heaven or otherwise as this fact remained disputable and these had become a cycle because we believed in things as fact as they were fed to us through various medium and we lived comfortably on those facts until one breakthrough after another disproved it and we either live by it or question it. To some community like the Buddhist; those changes of no end is as welcoming for they live by the mantra that life itself is ever changing; they embrace life knowing that it is not permanent. In fact, they are the advocate of change that every time there’s new discovery in science that contradict whatever written in their book; they would change it after thorough investigations even if that means humiliation.
These structures in question were dubbed as Stairway to Heaven. But since there’s none, it’s purpose remain unknown until a notable scholar Zechariah Sitchin whose expertise in Sumerian Civilization explore these structures in his book 2 of Earth Chronicle Series- Stairway to Heaven.

As Saint Francis of Assisi puts it “God grant me the serenity to accept things i cannot change, courage to change the things i can and wisdom to know the difference.” Perhaps it was what Zechariah Sitchin was praying when he discovered discrepancies of such magnitude of what’s the real purpose on building the Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt. We were taught  that it was built as the burial and resting place for the Pharaoh along with its wealth and its promised immortality until Sitchin discovered that it was built solely as the landing site of their craft or some sort of portal for the visiting Annunaki gods. Before the deluge, the landing site was in Sinai Peninsula, Baalbek and what is called the modern Lebanon. Same goes with the Pyramid of Macchu Picchu in Peru where assumptions abound about it as a treasure trove and resting place for the Mayan gods. Those mentioned structures were built of precise measurement and on precise location attested by most scholars as godly for in those times technology was scarce that made it impossible for human to achieve such feat. Perfection was attributed to its builders – the Annunaki gods for their sole purpose of landing. Was it the reason those structures are still there defying forces of Nature and that forces had been coming out there since.
Some disputed that these are portals for fallen angels when they were thrown out of Heaven and the concept of Hell was born.

Heaven Sent

          Pop culture depicted these structures as portals use by for forces of Heaven, whenever the need arise to dump fallen angels or to battle against forces of Hell- thus the Battlefield Earth. Whenever there are alien invasion, these structures served as entryway. Alien vs Predator  to name one. Star Gate by Dean Devlin and Roland Emmerich explore time and space travel.


          Portals had been ubiquitous across galaxy as wars between Heaven and Hell were waged. In Avengers, one portal had been open triggered by Tesseract encased Space Stone and Hell break lose. Since then Gate to Heaven had been shut for eternity to remain Pure and bar entry for all Satan’s desecration and blasphemy. All portals- black hole and all other means of travel defying time and space had been open only to pursue all fallen angels- and waged an all out war against forces of Hell.

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