Alice in Wonderland

“Not all that wander are lost” insists the wanderlust in you or someone in her youth would say like Alice who at an early age was set to wed to secure her future; but her mundane life led her to seek for a life other than marriage at any given opportunity; and the rabbit came along. A talking rabbit hinted she’s in for an adventure. I mean, if you don’t have a sense of adventure, a talking rabbit will terrify you. In life, we will meet people who would take us into a wild ride for a cheap thrill but Alice is not to be led. A true adventurer is to take things at their own pace; at their own terms. Alice tumbled down the rabbit hole not by choice but I’m sure as an adventurer who love the unpredictability; she prefer tumbling down and be surprise. I mean, what’s to wonder if you know what will happen next? Just like her mother who would worry forever about the future and she would always remind Alice of the consequences. Where’s the fun in that? We are here to learn; and Alice did as she go deep down the rabbit hole.

We are forever reminded of the pitfall as was Alice with the wise Caterpillar but that didn’t deter her adventurous spirit. Don’t get me wrong we thanked those who have known better and take heed of their advises but we sometimes wanted to find it out ourselves. Who knows? It may work differently this time as Alice just let go and wander purposely.  Her curiosity led her to choices that made her life adventurous . She has this muchness in life to take on and wander. Do you think it would be more fun if she chose to ignore that vial of shrinking potion? No. Zest for life is necessary for survival and taking risk will make your life fulfilling. It would not be a Wonderland had Alice chose not to take potion. Take note that Alice is not a happy-go-lucky person as she is taking responsibility of her actions. Remember how she shrank forgetting the key on chair which she could no longer reach? She wished to be big again and never ever forget the key to get out of the house. Though she’s not a wisher but a doer; she found way to vial and swig from it and become big as the house and couldn’t get out. Ironically, when you wish for something it turned out to be something else. Well, that’s what it’s all about, we made mistakes and learned from it and take full responsibility . A true mark of an adventurer.

                    As she went along, she met equally wonderful character like the Mad Hatter whose wits blew me away. Her friendship with the Hatter opened up so many things like how the White Queen’s little lie made the Red Queen’s head so big that soon started as big rift between sisters that sent ripples across the lives of those in Wonderland for the worst. All the while she thought she’s alone battling and conquering herself and needed to escape; she reasoned that getting lost and search for her self-worth might give her relief from an identity crisis.

Suddenly, she found herself amidst the chaotic life of strange people strewn all over Wonderland. Strange and yet familiar because their faces were worn with the same fearful expression that see no end; and it entrenched deeply in each of them; it didn’t escape Alice from noticing this collective fear that made their peculiarity a commonality.
Tweedledum and Tweedledee  were both forever confuse. Alice only had to accept
their reality and find amusement to their existence. She had no choice but to ask help from them. After all, they are one and the same- Trapped- Just like them, she needed to make sense of their existence in Wonderland.
Alice realized she’s really deep into the rabbit hole and into the midst of confusion, chaos and turmoil but she will get into the bottom of it all and perhaps find the way out; though Time is not on their side.
At the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party, Alice surmise it wasn’t the best of Time. It was an unpleasant Tea Party with the Narcoleptic Dormouse, the March Hare and the Mad Hatter all constantly bombarded her with riddles that further embroiled her into deep conflict and endless chatter and series of misfortunes to which they blamed Time for.

Mad Hatter’s penchant for rhetoric enable them to survive the forever six o’clock curse hurled at them by Time- and that gave them forever tea party. Alice felt so lucky she still has the sense of Time and that she walked out from them; nonsensical being.
Indeed, when you’re trapped – Time is of the essence and Alice is not to waste any.
Her curiosity led her to the Courtyard and there she found the source of monstrosity that is the Red Queen reigning terror in all of Wonderland. Since then plague is a common fixture that by and large everyone agreed only the prophecy will bring end to its reign. Alice was startled upon learning all these and the Red Queen seemed not keen on concealing her contempt. Since the arrival of Alice, everyone found hope in her, perhaps to bring back wonder to Wonderland; even the White Queen form allegiance with her.
The Red Queen was so furious she waged full scale war; she gathered her Army of cards and call all her unwilling subjects to be ready for combat against the White Queen. It was a perilous if not gargantuan task for Alice to prove worthy of her choices. It was too much to take on but it was also a journey she’d willingly took and led her this far; she wouldn’t barter it for anything else; after all the White Queen call her their Champion. Help came along if people knew your heart’s desire. The Rabbit once sent Bill the Lizard to help Alice and that’s enough for her to be reassured of their allegiance.

The enormous Red Queen’s army didn’t falter Alice, she employed all her courage, bravery and muchness. Prophecy foretold she’s the one who will slay the Jabberwocky and slay she did and spare the Red Queen for she saw in her eyes that little spot of kindness as she saw in the Hatter and the others.
War ended and Alice saw it was not their victory over the Red Queen but the defeat of her enormous ego that comes with huge head and a monstrous Jabberwocky.
She learned so much from being trapped and that the way out is a matter of life and death as one would eventually make sense of their choices in life.
She came out of the Rabbit hole and she could see Cheshire cat grinning perpetually, a cat with a grin, or a grin without a cat as it vanished reminding her of someone’s admiration for the
bravery she valiantly displayed……..a grin that lingers as a gesture of admiration as she face the world outside……..a grin that said with assurance “go on brave one, go on Alice. “



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  1. Backpacking Series

    Loved it how you have weaved making of an adventurer with Alice in wonderland story. Cheshire cat and her comment when Alice is lost has stayed with me for a while. Now have something from you that will stay….. “Zest for life is necessary for survival and taking risk will make your life fulfilling”. Thank you for a new spark!


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