Wanderlust: The Origin

          Jules Verne, a prolific writer of travelogue was a trailblazer. He chew on the scenery but that’s what travel is all about. He can make modern travel blogs look like an itinerary of mundane activities  rather than an adventure. His knowledge of biology is incredible it could rival that of Charles Darwin.
In his 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, as Capt. Nemo board the Nautilus along with his biologist friend; they documented flora and fauna found in the abyss like you are reading an entire Almanac. It was an age of exploration and colonization and he was at the center of it all. His eye became a window for all vagabond of 18th century.

Of all character he conjured, Capt. Nemo stands out, he exudes mystical aura. His extraordinary life gives us glimpses of life under water as they explore unknown territories. He traveled the world’s ocean and ended in mysterious island believed to be the modern New Zealand. It was also here that his true identity as Prince Dakkar was revealed. He is the lost son of Indian Raja. Well, it’s another story but as we all know, when a story reaches its denouement, your interest wanes and feel uninspired and the journey stopped as well. Though, Capt. Nemo’s journey remains in us all. Perhaps his true legacy is his being inquisitive and a thirst to unmask the mystery is a mark of a true wanderer. Certainly, mystery didn’t die with him in Mystery island.
Then again, as true wanderer Jules Verne found another adventure in Phileas Fogg’s Around the World in 80 days. It was an era of rapid industrialization when more rails are linked, bridges are built and steamboat sailed in relative comfort and will inspire the wanderlust in you. His journey across the world ushered us into an era of global tourism that could be enjoy in comfort and safety. He introduced us into different cultures and glimpsed into a burgeoning exchange of trade that too soon became global.

It was an adventure where we learned a humble fact that crossing the International Date Line eastward, you will gain a day and that Phileas Fogg won in a bet that he can complete a journey around the world in 80 days. His being punctual serves him well but earned a notoriety from his previous assistant that got fired from not setting his bath water or something into a desired temperature. That’s bonkers. I think he didn’t have the same fun as Capt. Nemo had.
But i like Fogg’s flair for timing and drama as he arrived in style by the balloon at the end of his journey. The image was so prominent it end up as book cover. Little did they know, Jules Verne once again ushered the next generation of wanderlust into a new era of adventure. A journey by the balloon sparked an imagination that anyone could book for tickets and sit comfortably: feat previously reserved for the most adventurous. Thanks to them you can now easily book tickets in a click to fulfill your wanderlust soul. Yes, a plane does exactly what Jules Verne had envisioned. A travel that is very rewarding and nourishes our soul.







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