Young , Dumb and Broke

          What women really want? First, let’s get to know them better. Where to look? Well, in literature there’s a handful of representation; it is more visible than ever because an editor would ask for a heroine from their novelists and the response is overwhelming. I mean, everywhere i look shelves after shelves, Chick lit covers from fantasy, crime, mystery, occult and other genre that was once dominated by male counterpart.

          Candace Bushnell’s Sex and the City, Lauren Weisenberger’s Devil Wears Prada are bible for fashionable women across the world. These are no longer voices in print but the magnitude of success can be felt across multimedia.These made voices of women heard across; a voice having fun but a responsible entity. Remember how Miranda Hobbes, a lawyer in Sex and the City managed her life as a careerwoman, housewife, mother and a friend? Well, actress Cynthia Nixon is running as Governor for New York now. Well, she can argue both sides and that real legislation comes naturally. Let’s not forget Elle Woods, she gained respect from her sorority and the community as she trimmed and polished all the evidence and tip toed to the courtroom. Actress Reese Witherspoon has a production company under her belt and third installment for Legally Blonde is underway. These women are stylish, witty and fun. No wonder they have good following. They inspired generation of stylish but sensible,fashionable women. Sensible enough that they prefer sensible luxury ( i call pre loved sensible luxury)  I mean, yeah, why not? There’s enough reason someone loved it so much but they have to let it go. Why not rescue it? You’re doing everyone a favor. Fair enough. Sensible choices.
They have unique ways of tackling issues affecting our society. They handle issues seriously but they never forget to have fun. I mean Cameron Diaz portraying roles with less giggle would be less fun. Never judge women’s way of managing problems, they usually do it with style and grace.

          It is well documented in volumes of books and reels of films. They are movers and shakers. Clueless and Devil Wears Prada is like flipping through glossy pages of fashion magazines. Health and Beauty is a billion dollar market dominated by women.They bring cash obviously but they are not all about money. They also care for other things like love (Rom-Com is a staple) Drew Barrymore and Julia Roberts made a fortune.

          You might picture them in Jawbreaker, Mean Girls, She Man, John Tucker Must Die as absurd that they lead a life of a party and all but believe me, they’re just having fun. They are women of substance. Elle Woods and Ally McBeal can testify on that.
          They made their choices clear early on……and look at them now, still Young but not Dumb and Broke.
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  1. AJ Sefton

    I used to ask this question as a starting point to the Suffragettes when I was teaching. The thing is that everyone is different based on many factors such as culture, upbringing, wealth and so on. When I was asked this when I was at school the answers were totally different to when I asked it to my students. None of the above I am familiar with and my daughter has no interest in them either, although she has seen Wonder Woman.


  2. bdhebert

    I was expecting very different content from the one in the article based on your title. I enjoyed the content though and agar with your assertion that the ideal female portrayed in art is very standardized.


  3. Deserted_Queen

    Very nicely written, great topic. Great reference of great movies. Though was expecting a different content from the title, but a whole different and genuine points mentioned.


  4. Chai

    Me and my friends are fans of Sex and the City. In a way, this art(movie) empowers and inspire women through the characters they portray. Great write up here, Jeferson!


  5. Sayanti

    Well, I was expecting different content with the title but your take on this one is splendid. Being a fashion enthusiast, it is actually a crime not to watch movies like Devil wears Prada and Sex and the City. These are my favorite and I must say the protagonists are more powerful, young and bold but definitely not dumb.


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