Build, build, build…….Handyman

Build, build, build…….Handyman

I learned about Powertools not from an Industrial Arts courses from High School or Tesda vocational school but from my stint as a service utility clerk (salesman)in an International chain Ace

Hardware. I was assigned to demo various Powertools that i took rather seriously and learned so many things and earned respect from other clerk assigned to Home Decor department (please note that i don’t belittle them)

I mean, what is a house without a little wall decor? From there, it develop in me the sense of wanting to create or build. Little did i know, i got interested in Building Materials department; and then the Lightings department suddenly appeals to me like a movie set; obviously, i love the spotlight but it is way too much and that Home Lightings and fixtures department feels cozy and homie and it sets well with me.


Believe me, it is worth an investment; it feels empowering having built a house by your own hands. Start from Powertools, you will enjoy the process  as you build along; and in the end, furnishing the house feels rewarding (that’s why i don’t belittle Home decor department) Think of it as icing on a sweet…Powertools







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